Canister Filters are BAD - Here is why. Gordon Ramsay Cooks Buffalo 1 day ago   2:06:30

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Living the dream as you bring home that new canister filter. if you only know how bad it would be long term for your aquarium.
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Ian Ferguson
This sounds like a conversation I have with customers almost daily. And almost every canister comes back because they can't figure them out. Give me air any day
רוני כהן
corry, you are so awesome !
Martin Smith
Cory vs. The Pond Guru - that would be an informative and entertaining conversation.
Ian Carnes
Aquarium coop canister filter! Aquarium coop canister filter!
Joe Lampasona
I use an fx6 on my 75 gal. I switched from 2 aqueon 75s which I was constantly switching filter floss and I only have to clean my canister filter maybe 3-4 times a year and still using the same filter pads it came with 2 years ago
I love the channel icon! 😅 "Damnit, Cory."
Protim Aquatics
I disagree. Also, check your Title.
Anger React
My 2 cents:

At the end of the day, I think people need to realize that it’s never about canisters vs hobs vs sponges vs sumps, rather it should be about finding what’s best for your situation.

I’ve rarely had any issues with canister filters when I owned them, cheap Sunsun or expensive Fluval, they all worked the same in my experience and I loved them when I had them. These days, I pretty much just use sponge filters because they work really well with how is setup my tanks (lots of plants, fairly low fish stock). But it was experience and learning that got me there as opposed to people telling me “buy this type of filter and don’t use that other thing because it sucks.”

Now I’m not saying you should discredit other peoples’ experiences (science isn’t scientific without peer review) but take the time to investigate on your own. Those experiences are often the most valuable not just in the fish hobby, but in life itself.
The more higher quality media you have the more stable your aquarium will be over time, and is just simple facts, canisters can hold a fair amount of media (at least mine can). If you’re a store owner of course sumps are easier to maintain, but me for, here in Australia sumps are expensive to get
built/setup, so canisters are a no brainer
Robert K
The car analogy is perfect. Of course I could get to work faster with a Ferrari but there is a speed limit. Most of the capacity a Ferrari would give me I can't utilise!
Frontosa USA
320G and have two FX5 on it..granted I only paid $100ea and they work amazing. You dont have to spend alot of money on maintaining them. You can buy a 40lb of lava rock or a bag of polyfill and cut to size. I alternate cleaning them (monthly) which takes about an hr or so..water is always crystal clear and water perimeters are on point. I also have 2 XXL sponge filters.. every filter has its place in the hobby/community.
Jose Jimenez
Me on my wedding night
David Sharp
I think your on the exact page. You're right, but canister filters have there place. If you want to cut down maintenance.... they are great. If you want ease of maintenance not so much. I had always ran a combo of hob and sponge... then petsmart severely discounted eheim ... so I bought a 300 dollar canister filter for 50 bucks. I'll say I'm really happy with it. Sure the maintenance takes longer.... but it's less frequent and I pick the media. I know most of mt biological is happening in the substrate and tank itself. So I have to chambers set up for only mechanical, one for bio, and one for chemical... the tank is in my main living space so some chemical is good to cut down on odor. I'll say that it's not necessary for fish health. My water changes and sponges will do the job... but for flow and mechanical.. can't beat a good eheim.... if you bought it at a severely discounted price.
Not even watched this video and I can already tell you that that title is not appropiate. I Swear by canister filters. I'd rather have a sump (in most, but not all cases) but it's rather impractical compaired to a canister. How you use it makes at least half the difference.
The Fish Keepers
I bought a canister filter for my 55 gallon, it was difficult to understand how to put everything together but when I did it was pretty straight forward.. it works great it's quite and to be honest you shouldn't have any problems with it sucking up dirt or sand unless you got an extra long intake tube which is touching the substrate in which case it's your own fault.

And if you keep up on maintenance which is the cleaning of the canister filter to ensure it doesn't overflow and cause a mess.
I think lots of comments are missing the point, which is the manufacturers are ripping you all off!
I love Cory, Murphy and the Aquarium Co-Op but don't agree on this. My Eheim canister is brilliant. I've had it for 10 years and it is so easy to use, service, and maintain and super reliable. My water is crystal clear and perfect condition.

I am wondering what canisters people are using to have a bad experience and if they were properly maintained? I just let mine do the job it was designed to do and don't have any sponges or anything on the intake.

I agree with Cory on the aquatics industry not being as inventive as it could be though and bringing out more products and incorporating new technology and responding to what the customer wants. It is very slow to progress and bring out new products and improve on existing ones.
Robert See
I don't buy bio media online or fish store. I just buy lava rock at a land scape company by the pound and crush it to the size I want it. Works great and is a heck of a lot cheaper.
Robert See
I have to totally agree with you. There are people that are sold cannisters everyday that didn't need it. I'm not against them even own a couple but I have hob's I have the dreaded undergravel and personally love them. I especially love them in big tanks.
gary davies
Theres good and bad about anything , good thing is they are quiet and set up properly they work very well . bad thing is if you have a power cut for too long and can't be there to maintain it your bacteria might starve oxygen.
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