Bank Check & Fees, Business $350.00 to $400.00 to live a month 1 day ago   11:16

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International check drama & removing bank fees. Truth & responsibility. Amazon USA check & St George Bank. Australia Vlog 78.

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Colin Woods
your mate sez style has dropped of the radar. guess private life was the killer. you've not been back now over a year.
Andrew Velasco
more vids like these please
wow.. at leased you didn't give up and it paid off good job mate! it happens here a lot too when it comes all types bank situations some families ends up homeless.
Lucas Musser
interesting to see you in a suit man
Doyle in the Philippines
you will now be known as b007 :)
David Diaz
I thought this guy was cool
Till I saw the start of this video... painful 😣
Glenn Wheeler
Hey, you're a funny guy, but with some good points. I gave up on banks here in the USA over 30 years ago and have been with the credit unions ever since. They treat you as a member instead of just another number. The credit unions are very much disliked by the banks here. And also, the c.u. always pay higher interest rates too. I'm glad you got it all taken care of, so good for you B. We get to recycle here with a 65 gallon bin for each home, setting it out front each week as part of our garbage collecting, they sort it all out at another location.
ricky usa
Is it just me or is there just a little bit of irony in a company like Amazon that does all its business online insisting on using a physical paper check? They probably do it to take advantage of the float time processing a paper check requires. The longer they can delay paying out money, the better for them. I guess it's good to be the big dog!
Slim Jim
The bank I was with were happily taking fees from me for years..
I heard of a bank that had zero fees so I went in to close my account.......They told me they could give me a fee free account because of my age AND I could have had it a long time ago..
So I said "why did you not tell me"???
""Oh sir, you HAVE to ask about things like that...Not MY job to tell you"".

But If I did not cancel that day I could have a boxed fountain pen, business type diary and tickets to see AFL at THE GABBA......
Done deal I told them and I got my loot...
When the AFL game was over I went in and cancelled my account...
They asked me why I was leaving and I told her...
""You just gave me some stuff BUT you did not ask me to stay""..

Now I am still with my NEW bank and I live in the Philippines....
They go out of their way to PHONE me here if I have any problems...
They gave me the phone number of the actual branch AND the bank email of a person who will field my inquiries direct at my branch..
No fees still and service is 100% over the old bank..

You just gotta look around and check things out....
PLus if you have superannuation,,,,,,REALLY check thing out..
michael j
In these days of electronic banking seeing statements online it seems very strange doing transactions in this way , surely the company could make this payment electronically saving both parties money it's just my opinion. Well you got a great deal out of it in the end good job.Nice vlog as always
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$350.00 to $400.00 to live a month Bank Check & Fees, Business 1 day ago   07:33

I live fantastic on 350.00 a month really its less like 300.00 a month. I go out to eat 3 to 4 times a month. I buy good vegetable and chicken.. Have beef 3 to 4 times a month..

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