MEXICAN BORDER CROSSING WITHOUT Trump Sending Military to Guard 6 months ago   09:52

MEXICAN BORDER CROSSING WITHOUT A PASSPORT! - Ciudad Acuña and Playa Tlaloc. In Coahuila Mexico we crossed the border without any passports! It was an amazing experience

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Ben Adams
I'm surprised this channel hasn't blown up to a larger degree, the quality of content is definitely there. Really enjoying bouncing through all your videos. Keep up the awesome work!
Burt Segal
The comments are full of illegal aliens bragging about being able to cross the border.

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neeru devi
Sir i am interested maxico to USA plz you help me. Plz tell me your WhatsApp number
rodrigo chavez
Nice video 👍
Maxx Maxwell
You DON'T need a passport to enter Mexico, you DO need a passport to re-enter the US
Gary Robinson
At 0:52 into the video you claim to have entered Mexico without a passport, however this is not the case. The Mexican border on the Acuña and Del Rio port is actually much further down the road, on the bridge that takes you into Acuña, so you're still in the USA until you reach that point.
Candiee Guzman
Crossed back into US with just my ID and birth certificate.. it also depends how far into mexico you travel too
your whatapp number
00966582211604 whatapp please contact me
thomas B
Dude kayak it !
Here is info on the Ganster Bankers (HSBC & US Corp's )) err, Mexican Cartels Remember what our REAL American NATIVE Ancestors say,. Dont trust white man with the Forked TONGUE....
oscar iniguez
Good luck trying to get back into the U.S without a passport
Daniel Mendoza
Been to presa la amistad
Epi Camacho
my girl's home town is Del Rio and we love visiting Cd. Acuña all the time, will definitely check the plaza next time
janis vogel
what is that music?it is great.
Jonathan Guillen
Hey guys I live in Acuña and I really enjoyed your video... you guys missed out on some amazing food! Next time you guys plan a trip down here and you guy can stay with me and my family... to enjoy the culture a little better... great job guys...
Bridgett Scarborough
Are there roaming charges on your phone when you cross the border to Mexico?
Patrick Lee
I really want to go to Mexico with my RV but I can't get a passport.
Love 123
sir pls whatsapp tel me my whatsapp no +919888288421
U guys look homeless
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Trump Sending Military to Guard MEXICAN BORDER CROSSING WITHOUT 6 months ago   07:47


--Donald Trump says he will send the military to guard the US Mexico border

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Broadcast on April 4, 2018