Jay Leno Interrupts Jimmy's Monologue Jay Leno making Johnny Carson 1 day ago   04:49

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy invites an angry guy he saw on the street, Jay Leno, to tell a few jokes during the monologue.

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Jay Leno Interrupts Jimmy's Monologue with an Angry Rant


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Naseem Syed
Jeez these jokes are decades old
"Screw you Fallon!"
Best thing I've heard all year.
Timemachine Eddie
Leno Rocks fallon sucks. America Loves The Honorable President Donald J Trump. cnn not so much just propaganda hoers. democraps need to pay for their crimes along with the media ie: cnn towards America and the President of the United States.
Looks like Jay Leno has returned for his 3rd Tonight Show stint.
Jimmy had better hope that basic cable has some more room.
Jay is my kind of dude. I miss him
Patrick Todd
That was awesome. "Sears had that 20 years ago" 😂
Rahul Tickoo
Looks like he is back to take Jimmy's Job.
Al corleone Deeznutz
*you look like moses carrying around the 10 commandments with your stupid iPhone*
😁😂💀💀 this wigger here lol
JW Pev
Jay is funny and right too...
Nathan Forester
There's a website named after Hemorrhoids? I've seen a website/forum based on combustion and herpes, yes...there is a website based on herpes - but hemorrhoids..what other diseases and medical conditions have their own websites? Also store-ception...that's a new one, although I am pretty sure that has been done before.
Luke Martin
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Sears!
what is wrong with his face???
Steve Dodson
Jay Leno! Wish he could replace these current idiots on late night.
Jay wants the show back again?
The ten commandments one always gets me
Steven Torrey
Leno is still hilarious. They could give him a new show and he would knock all the others out of the game!
Steven Torrey
With a $1,000 phone, ya better have something damn brilliant to say!
John Oliver had the best comeback to Leno's hypocritical call for civility (he slaughtered Monica Lewinsky for months). Watch the clip called "Public Shaming" from Last Week Tonight.
Great one from Jay
The only thing funny I have seen on the Tonight Show since Jay left. They should fire the host, writers and band...the show is now as lame as their music...Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ...they all suck!
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Jay Leno making Johnny Carson Jay Leno Interrupts Jimmy's Monologue 1 day ago   10:53

The finish is strong :D

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