Dead Sea for 7 Wonders Asia's 10 Poorest Countries 2 months ago   02:06

Visit Israel
Vote for the Dead Sea as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature:

The Dead Sea is unique not only because it is the lowest point on Earth, but also because it is filled with natural treasures, with zoological and botanic riches and because the region has witnessed remarkable historical events.

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Nengcha Haokip
want to visit dead sea
Christopher Tolhurst
God bless Israel. Amen
Christopher Tolhurst
God bless Israel. Amen
צימר תיירות ונופש
I voted for the Dead Sea!!
Fuck you jerk!!!!! Respect other people Religion you fucking jerk ,stupid That's what you are !!!
yeah and those who married children as young as 6 yrs old.
Thats where allah punished those who engaged in homeosexual
Well, It's actually filled with dead people full of sins.

Alisha Rose
cant wait to go!
Marilyn Welton
The Dead Sea has my vote.
Danel A. Shvetz
@Ninie036124 there are few more, but the dead sea is the saltiest
Andy Moskowitz
and because it's salty as a mofo?
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Asia's 10 Poorest Countries Dead Sea for 7 Wonders 2 months ago   05:03

Top 10 poorest countries in Asia 2017.

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