NLE Choppa Gets Great Advice J. Cole and Dreamville Team Get Their 1 day ago   04:04

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NLE Choppa shares the best advice he received from Stevie Wonder, what frustrates him about the music business, the rapper that inspires him and more in XXL's 'Who Am I?' interview.

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Which artist do you want NLE Choppa to collaborate with?
What the fuck was he saying
Kingy Kgamedi
*I thought NLE stood for Never Lose Energy lol*
i feel like he was tryna sober up
special films
When is the English version come out
shaniqua farted
why he sound so quiet when he talking but so hyper when he rapping
A Man
*Where did you grow up? *
Nle: Rjdjuiwjdntnejdififjfjf
A basic hood really
Yeetyeet Yeet
Nigga look mad cuz he ain't make the list but he in this dumbass video😂😂😂 but no hate tho💀❤️
"ngejxjahwhfuidgevdhs" 😔
A-Dizzle M-Shizzy
Me in class five minutes after I woke up
Corey boone
Can I see you.
Jadyn Laila
Huhhh? Lmao
Hugo Campos
Anime Tributes
I'm not the only one who

Can understand him right?
Rosa Brambley
He said he barely sleep days y he sons like sjhxbxndnxnx
it's yo boi danklord5
This nigga talk so clear on insta I'm convinced xxl got a trash ass mic
This nigga done met Stevie Wonder wow
Y'all weird af. This nigga speakin clear aab. Idk, maybe it's the southern in me but y'all trippin
Playboi carti and nle choppa can understand each other perfectly
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J. Cole and Dreamville Team Get Their NLE Choppa Gets Great Advice 1 day ago   03:18

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Go behind the scenes with Dreamville Records' J. Cole, Bas, Cozz, EarthGang, J.I.D, Lute, Omen and Ari Lennox for the cover of XXL magazine's spring 2019 issue.

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