Reinforcing the Dutch coastline Closing of the Dutch Maeslant flood 1 day ago   03:19

Van Oord
The Hondsbossche and Pettemer Sea Defence no longer met current safety standards and was classified as one of the ten weak spots along the Dutch coast in 2004. To resist a once in 10.000 year superstorm – one of the Dutch government’s safety requirements – the dike would need to be at least 4 metres higher and about 20 metres wider.

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Closing of the Dutch Maeslant flood Reinforcing the Dutch coastline 1 day ago   00:21

The Maeslantkering is the Delta work with the largest moving sections anywhere in the world. This fully automated storm surge barrier protects the densely populated area between The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Dordrecht against high tides from the North Sea. When closure is initiated, the doors close and fill up with water, causing them to sink down. This timelapse shows the test closure which actual takes 2.5 hours.