FORTNITE *DEATHRUN* - NINJA WARRIOR Can You Beat the *IMPOSSIBLE* Dropper Course 1 day ago   10:03

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Season 8 Fortnite Battle Royale New Update New Map FaZe Cizzorz Gameplay

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they expect me to fall... pfhhh. *falls*
9:24 rip golf cart 2019-2019
Fazhen Yin
Is this ✂️
Carl Britton
Your a bot
Jaydon Bock
The way the cart got Yeetet at the end 😂😂
Owen White
Faze_ Zachary2010
Your not hotball
Chase Buckets
Well i mean it would’ve been more difficult if u actually did the hard levels instead of skipping them 😂 I tucking did them why can’t you
Alfredo Ponce
why dont you sound like this in stream [sound like girl]
Logan Yeatman
Cizzorz: my big brains are big but my eyes are small

Asians: 🧠
Skylar Ilse
Stop jinkjncing and you were not facking
You need to go back to English class, when u misspelled that one word in ur cizzorz death run lmao
A bizzle
Zelda dungeon escape map.. 0534 9157 2062
Joseph Bloomer
You look high as shit
Leigh Daniel Maranan
that ATK was like bye im ooff to theafterlife 9:29
King God
He starts with only 2 hrs left
Legend Thomas
you are a bot so is lazarbeam hes trash at it and so are you
JH Soccer
not to tough huh 0.53 0.56
Louix Pickard
Play my 15 level deathrun!
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Can You Beat the *IMPOSSIBLE* Dropper Course FORTNITE *DEATHRUN* - NINJA WARRIOR 1 day ago   19:39

Time to tackle the HARDEST dropper course I've ever seen!

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