Highlights: USA v Thailand | FIFA Women’s TOP 10 GOALS: FIFA Women's World 1 day ago   03:09

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USA and Thailand play their first match of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.
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Comments 1907 Comments

The Sugar Rush Potatoez
This is the type of game i can replay in FIFA18 in career. 13 nil
Don;t want to sing or stand for the national anthem? Want to disrespect our flag , people, anthem whilst representing it/them ?..Then pack your bags and get the f out of here....
So they beat some girls who aren't that experienced or skilled at the game....aren't they terrific....until you know these "pro's" lose 5-2 to 14 year old no-body boys team... That's how bad these US woman players really are...and they believe they deserve more money... ?
Tom Simes
Im 9 and i could have done better than that keeper
That goalkeeper absolutely fucking sucks
Youtube comments are pure trash
Fayez Elhage
Every single shot was a goal
Alex vella
USA no class
Janella Lauren Manalo
Did I just see kariuas
No it wasn’t the goal-keepers fault if actually was the defenders
Tom R
Atrocious refereeing, some poor decisions. Could have gone either way
Vishanka Malawana
The Thailand goalkeeper is worse than Trump a soccer
manuel gonzalez
where was thailand ???????????/what a merciless beating!!!!!
Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah
Coach: our goalie is sick today who want to play first half
Thailand keeper: me
Coach: you got it
Sven Hall
What does a Thai goalkeeper and an ashtray have in common? They are both used to throw away matches
Spamming Sam
Lol play this at 1.75 speed or 2.0 speed
When you set the skill level on FIFA to Beginner.
Was there a Goalkeeper playing for Thailand at all. Let's see how they perform against Sweden. Funny how the Woman's Team is so Good while the Mens Team aren't that good at all.
oh yeah yeah
The keeper is a fucking bot
Mr Fury
When you go on the Fifa market and buy the cheapest bronze goal keeper :p
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TOP 10 GOALS: FIFA Women's World Highlights: USA v Thailand | FIFA Women’s 1 day ago   05:19

After a thrilling FIFA Women's World Cup, FIFA.com users picked the greatest goals scored in Canada. Do you agree with #1?

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