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Best Hip-Hop Song Each Year.

The best hip-hop songs of all time are those songs that touch our soul. They make us smile, laugh, cry, think, move and shake what our mama (or papa) gave us. #evolutionofhiphop

I traveled back four decades and dug through a pile of tunes to compile a list of the greatest songs hip-hop has ever witnessed.

Picking hip-hop's greatest songs is an incredibly difficult (and incredibly fun) undertaking, considering the various styles that have splintered the genre every way imaginable. Now 40 years old, hip-hop no more belongs to Bronx originators than it does to today's kids; its popularity has stretched to all corners, and the various mutations reflect that. Our picks reflect the songs that innovated, enlightened, delighted, and lasted. These are hip-hop tracks that, with any justice, our grandchildren will have on playlists that are implanted into their brains, or whatever.

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Evolution Of Hip-Hop Playlist:


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Elana Adams Groenewald
You missed
Tupac-Hit em up
Dylan Morrison
I now realize this list is trash because it's all just main stream rappers:p
Dylan Morrison
Imagine tupac and nwa together, But wasnt he in jail when they got famous
Dylan Morrison
All these songs are lit
Wow... i didn't know the rap genre started around late 70's..
Nah man, you completely missed the roots.
Teckla Fru
your list is so wack big time. you know nothing about hip hop
you can't talk about rap without big pun, outlawz and lil wayne. stupid ass
Kwazy Child
Where was coolio?
Where did it go wrong?
Funtime Freddy
Solveig Wiken
Anybody see that login bad a fase shirt
Ales Sibila
True rap was until 2000 after that mostly is cRAP!
C Rabbit
The legend ICE CUBE is missing
Alan Trejo
no 1 lil wayne youknoit
carenda omar
and me?
Elvis the King
2:09 Straight outta compton❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Andrew Knepp
Nuthin' but a g thang brought me straight back to GTA San Andreas
where is the next episode
CurlyHeadPrince Officials
No lil Wayne list is all wrong
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