Jim Acosta: How was the White House confrontation President Trump - Jim Acosta press 5 months ago   04:31

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Sarah Sanders tweeted out a video of CNN's Jim Acosta pushing a White House intern's arm away and revoked his press pass on the grounds of assault. Following rumours the footage was doctored we looked into it to find out if it was true.

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Thomas Buddle
So if the bottom one had a freeze frame, why is the hand going down faster? As in frame by frame? Which one is editted??
Muddy miko
Thank you for lying to everyone. He still shoved her arm
Muddy miko
Thanks for explaining videos are pictures
Templar blood slovkia
IDC I was disturbed to find out Trump said the thing he did when he knocks down her arm wasn't a problem..it was a really bad mistake because he could have got in the mud for this girl and nobody would have said sht ..that's assault? I thought he should have been arrested...
The Independent: Guaranteed to not be fucking independent.
Michel Appolo
Send Acosta to South Arabia as CNN chief correspondent. Maybe next year he will have a chance to be entitled to be the 2019 "Journalist of the year" like Khashoggi. In fact the 2018 nominee are ALL the FAKES T ones, the dead ones and those who are imprisoned. LoL.
Cue Anon
This is nothing but the White House grabbing a frame rate reduced copy and then Twitter reencoding at 30fps. That’s why the quality is lower too. This is a poor attempt at distracting from Acosta hitting a young woman. They didn’t need to alter the video as the cspan footage clearly showed his aggressive mysogonistic action. This attempted distraction is absolutely shameful. I can’t believe this disgusting divisive untrue propaganda has been run by the AP and USAToday. A very bad chapter of American history is unfolding before our eyes, I am now genuinely concerned.
Raw footage shows dirtbag getting physical with a young female. The presentation reveals that you defend Acosta's abusive behavior!
Jim Acosta, my number is two one five two eight seven zero four hundred.
Graham Smith
"The edit there happened very quickly and you may not have seen it" - why doctor something so insignificantly that it can't be perceived?
Col. Angus
Dim Acostus back at it again with the non sense.
David Crimmins
Seriously? 3 frames difference? About a tenth of a second. Cut me a break. File compression and conversion would easily explain such a small and literally un-noticeable difference is what actually happened. In any event, both videos show what happened. It was a confrontation between Jim Acosta and a White House Intern. Where Acosta did physically prevent her from doing her job.
Isn't that what should be the issue here?
Pulse Wave
Respect women and their workplace > push down her hand when she was doing her job. Excuse me ma'm im not finished... Whoa there Jimbo check your male privilege...
Feeling quite entitled there are ya? The Q&A is all about you and your questions and all else should just give way to your superiority...
And these fucking morons claiming that video is altered trying to skip past the fact he did push her down and stop her from what she was supposed to do.. Take the mic so others can ask Q's since his has been finished.
Fiona Jennings
WHO's PAYING YOU TO BE THE IDIOT YOU SOUND LIKE? OMG You'll do anything to get at Trump, the video WASN'T doctored in anyway, what an ass you are! Same thing happened in both videos, slowing one down a little more to make a point is stupid! Whether one was sped up or slowed down BOTH CLIPS SHOWED THE SAME THING HAPPEN...
ken wesaw
The white house should apologise to jim Acosta and stop acting so childish 😁
You are a retard... it is video compression, look at the two different video qualities... Video editor? My ass, go back to school.
Here is the principle, in an easier, for your apparently limited mind to understand...
And as you point out there is nothing in the "3 frames" missing.
Just the media trying to make a molehill out of a mountain.
Why don't you do some real reporting on actual problems in the world and getting answers like...
I don't know...
like maybe...
Why DACA has been in the house for over 18 years and STILL it isn't finished... But NNNOOOOO it's all Trump's fault.

Why was Jim Comey the lead investigator for Clinton's Whitewater investigation and then head of the FBI for Hillary's email server fiasco and said she didn't show any intent both times. When clearly she broke the law both times.

British collusion with Hillary and DNC... they bought the dossier... that is same thing you are accusing Trump of doing... So where is that investigation?

But yet you idiots nick pick stupid shit... Why aren't you guys calling for Acosta to be fired like you did with Corey Lewandowski?
Ben Bevan
The only reason the frames are of is because the video is compressed and has lost 2 or 3 frames
Adam Blade
Let's say that the video was "doctored" (even though it could have just been the result of video conversion): what was the purpose? Both videos show the same fucking thing.
Fake news.
Kimmy Queen
You call this doctored? Are you daft?
Obamma birth certificate doctored!!! ********** Evidence is now CLEAR the police after 5 years have proven Obama's birth certificate has 9 points of forgery. https://ai-tube.com/videoai/kgxsfoWzUhZ
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President Trump - Jim Acosta press Jim Acosta: How was the White House confrontation 5 months ago   02:46

President Donald Trump admonishes CNN's Jim Acosta during a White House press conference on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018. At one point, a White House aide tried to take away his microphone. The White House later suspended Acosta's press pass, claiming he put his hands on the young woman. (Video: Wochit)