Jim Acosta: How was the White House confrontation President Trump - Jim Acosta press 2 weeks ago   04:31

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Sarah Sanders tweeted out a video of CNN's Jim Acosta pushing a White House intern's arm away and revoked his press pass on the grounds of assault. Following rumours the footage was doctored we looked into it to find out if it was true.

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ken wesaw
The white house should apologise to jim Acosta and stop acting so childish 😁
You are a retard... it is video compression, look at the two different video qualities... Video editor? My ass, go back to school.
Here is the principle, in an easier, for your apparently limited mind to understand...
And as you point out there is nothing in the "3 frames" missing.
Just the media trying to make a molehill out of a mountain.
Why don't you do some real reporting on actual problems in the world and getting answers like...
I don't know...
like maybe...
Why DACA has been in the house for over 18 years and STILL it isn't finished... But NNNOOOOO it's all Trump's fault.

Why was Jim Comey the lead investigator for Clinton's Whitewater investigation and then head of the FBI for Hillary's email server fiasco and said she didn't show any intent both times. When clearly she broke the law both times.

British collusion with Hillary and DNC... they bought the dossier... that is same thing you are accusing Trump of doing... So where is that investigation?

But yet you idiots nick pick stupid shit... Why aren't you guys calling for Acosta to be fired like you did with Corey Lewandowski?
Americans are filled with delusion. Even when they see it, they refuse to believe the naked truth. Trump should really just give up on the us and let it go to hell.
Ben Bevan
The only reason the frames are of is because the video is compressed and has lost 2 or 3 frames
Adam Blade
Let's say that the video was "doctored" (even though it could have just been the result of video conversion): what was the purpose? Both videos show the same fucking thing.
Fake news.
Kimmy Queen
You call this doctored? Are you daft?
Obamma birth certificate doctored!!! ********** Evidence is now CLEAR the police after 5 years have proven Obama's birth certificate has 9 points of forgery. https://ai-tube.com/videoai/kgxsfoWzUhZ
Same video and same think happens in both videos. This is stupid.
Looks like compression
Sig Urther
Good job disproving yourself, both clips show him making contact with her arm and pushing it down in an attempt to prevent her from taking the mic: aka her job. The raw footage demonstrates this clearly, and is the poinr of the assault claim.
This is a very detailed, technical proof showing that the clip has not been doctored. Every single media analysis of this clip media is incorrect.
Stan Parrish
He still did not give up the microphone.A** W***!
Robert Glidewell
Use a dictionary. "Doctored" and altered are not the same. There was no appreciable change or falsification of content.
The reason is obvious, because they wanted to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Typical Trump administration move.
T. Scott
THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!

The independent is fake news
Proof that the Independent are FAKE NEWS.
Sean Romero
Typical Republican lies!! She physically attacked a reporter asking a question for the American people! Trump is a lying scumbag embarrassment to the office he sits! Soon, his inept, lazy, golfing ass will be out!
Cats Are Rubbish
At 3:58 you say "there is only one pause". You're demonstrably wrong.

In my analysis there is the initial 3 frame pause at frame 20 (on your screen it says frame 17). Then there is another 3 frame pause at frame 62 (it would be frame 59 for you), AND ANOTHER at frame 104 (101 for you).

The really interesting thing - there are precisely 42 frames between each pause. This suggests that it has been caused by an automatic process - such as the effect of a rendering glitch (something similar to 3-2 pulldown perhaps?), or more probable in my opinion, a streaming and/or capturing/recording issue (sometimes known as hitching or microstutters).
Jason Hamilton
I see a belligerent asshole in both videos. That belligerent asshole is Acousta , not Trump. Trump is just an egotistical twit who is actually doing a good job of being president. His methods make me cringe, but the results are better than this country has seen in a long while.
Tracy Peck
I expected you to make a compelling argument one way or another. Every amateur photographer and videographer with a cell phone knows that compression and conversion of these clips make them play a little different. I want to believe channels like yours are actually unbiased and dedicated to telling the truth. In this case you proved nothing.
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President Trump - Jim Acosta press Jim Acosta: How was the White House confrontation 2 weeks ago   02:46

President Donald Trump admonishes CNN's Jim Acosta during a White House press conference on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018. At one point, a White House aide tried to take away his microphone. The White House later suspended Acosta's press pass, claiming he put his hands on the young woman. (Video: Wochit)