Who is Theresa May? (Profile and interview) Boris Johnson The Irresistible Rise 1 day ago   14:46

Channel 4 News
It's her name on the battle-bus, on the election leaflets and on the placards that surround every speech that Theresa May makes. For the Tories, the Prime Minister is the prime asset of the party in this highly-personalised campaign. But what is it that drives Theresa May herself? Channel 4 News has been speaking to some of those who know her best, including her former Oxford tutorial partner, who remembers her saying in their first term that she wanted to become Prime Minister.

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Bimi Jain
she also finding man dominated society..... oppositions
Bimi Jain
yess she will bring good changes...... benificial for britian and other countries.....decreasing terrorism and. antihumanity
anthony davis
Women belong at home
ท้าว.จันทะสอน หานชะนะ
เรารู้ว่าทุกคนต้องกานวัน🌋แล้วทุกจะดีใจความเปันจิง. 💁🏠เรา
Diana Mincher
General election as an emergency now please! Girl guides says she's listening to the will of the British people!
Diana Mincher
With respect, Conservative Mrs. May acting like a girl guide mistriss, repeat, repeat, repeat, rephrase, then nasty about Labour manifesto!
Diana Mincher
With respect, Theresa May is a girl guide mistress?
Diana Mincher
With respect, repeat, repeat,repeat like robots?
Diana Mincher
With respect,Hillary Clinton and they sound like they're trying to to teach her the basics-highly repetitive.
loathsome individual
Doc Martn
She's an idiot!!!!
Nicholas Ennos
She's a tranny
Jacqueline Deebanks-Irwin
She has the personality and political talent of a flea but the resilience of a cockroach. At present she keeps cocking everything up but manages to survive. She’s a vile hard hearted person who never takes ownership of her mean spirited actions.
Maureen Salter
Well she isn't funny now. She is a TRAITOR and a liar and deceitful. She has destroyed Britain.
Caesar, son of mars, conqueror of the 86 tribes.
Horrible woman, horrible prime minister, murderer. We don't need her voted out, she belongs in prison.
The Master & your Daddy.
She's a cu*t. She lost a dossier of pesos. She binned it clearly, to protect them.
mohamed warsama Boss
She is so passionate about what she does. And in addition, she is a better negotiator than the hard Brexit gang.
Allan Simoes
BBC is His masters Voice, Lord Jacob Rothschild and the 12 dynasties globally.
Allan Simoes
Why did BBC news cover up the Jimmy Savile child Trafficking and Pedefilla for years and prince Philip's Nazi connections . No wonder many call BBC FAKE News. The whole World knows that B B C is a Zionist mouth piece.
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