Charity Shop Short solar Charity Shop Gold or Garbage 2 days ago   02:04

Charity Shop Short - solar rockers and an RC car I didn't buy

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Cekku-W-9 GFO
Steven charter
My best buy was an old punk record I brought for 50p (just had a hunch) it went for £117 on eBay...)
Mike Flight
Solar rockers? I don't think you need any of them. The pope one looks creepy. :D
Enti Susilawati
Nice Video.
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Charity Shop Gold or Garbage Charity Shop Short solar 2 days ago   18:19

Found another Air Powered car in the charity shops today and found the pump it came with made both the cars featured in this video work fine so I must now regrade them as GOLD not garbage although they were "garbage" at the time as the pump that came with them at the time failed. Here is the new car video

This episode covers a "Tobar - Air Pump Racer" bought from one of my local charity shops. I have checked the Tobar website and this item is no longer listed. On Amazon it is shown as no longer available but was first listed in June 2006 so this car could be as much as 7 years old.
I regularly visit charity shops looking for items that may interest my grandchildren. I thought it might make an interesting subject for YouTube if I recorded my findings as "Gold" or "Garbage".
My opinion of charity shops is that you have a 50/50 chance of buying junk or on the positive side you have a 50/50 chance of picking up a bargain. Typically you could buy a jigsaw puzzle and you won't know until you finish whether it has all the pieces.
A simple toy car can probably be checked in the shop, does it have 4 wheels and does it run along the floor if you push it. Anything more complicated probably cannot be checked until you get home.
In today's episode I took a chance on a toy that looked like it could be fun and at the same time potentially an educational toy demonstrating the use of air pressure, valves, cams, piston, connecting rod and gearing.
On a positive side, from an educational point of view, the fact I can disassemble the car right down to it's component parts to see how it works is a complete success.
On a negative side, the fact the car just did not work means that I will have to give this purchase the "Garbage" award.

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