Stephen Delivers The Restate Of Our Union Chris Christie - Looking Back 3 months ago   15:50

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert delivers a LIVE monologue following Trump's un-lively State of the Union Address.

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Ugh! Quality over length any day!! 😂
Democrats back at wearing white KKK outfit again
Yolanda Ramirez
How can so many intelligent people listen to the idiot trump so stupid my God horrible
Meta View
Eeeeeeek! I just got shivers because I realized that 6:20-6:26 Trumplethinskin sounds *exactly* like Lord Voldemort 😮
Aki Aqui
Trump is only bringing disgrace on America.
He's like Mr. Satan in Cell game who is ignorant enough not to be aware of his incompetence.
Terra SilverShade
Nancy looks like she’s listening to her drunk racist uncle ramble on at thanksgiving dinner. Just stare into the distance, don’t make eye contact, and pretend you can’t hear him.
Zichen Zhang
Stephen is great but that black guy who chimes in once in a while is cringy af.
Hyper Sonic
13:20 No Trump, socialism is about government taking care of the people. LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness. LIFE = Medicare for all.
Socialism and Capitalism can co-exist.
Sherrie Benson
Trump is an idiot.
Transformed science = Reintroduced flat earth, creationism and antivaxx....
what if all these years on Conan's shows you could hear la Bamba laughing in the background to every joke? Would it have been as good?
Edmund Singleton
Just watched the live re-telecast of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the night of the State of the Union address, by a President, faked blond dyed and hair sprayed, with guests from the CBS Morning News, all nicely decked out in full ‘dressed for broadcast’ hair dye and wig, the women wore typical walk on, talk show, high heels, with me admitting, is this how comprehensive once respected televison journalists, look-a-likes, should present themselves, these days, answer, yes…with out a doubt…after all television journalism has morphed into a new branch of show-business, and still somehow, manage to wear a professional mantel of pure journalism…’some body ought to write a book about it’, sang Ray Charles…
Jackie Roberts
American workers would die in the fields. They are out of shape and lazy and too acclimated to air conditioning to hold up in the heat
Sapphire Riddles
Lmao bernie's face 🤣🤣🤣
Steven, is a cocky, non-funny, political participant. I love the fact that he can make fun of Trump, and try to make things look better. The funny thing is, he wouldn't know how to make things better. He doesn't understand, he just does it for his ego. What a shame. SMH
Sleeping Beauty
this comedy really sucks that they have no original material, They report shit that makes the lies look like truths but they aint
Firstname Lastname
I'm listening to this while playing a game and I find Colbert to be utterly disgusting with what he's saying. This video is f***ed. He's making fun of our president for cheering on our country like wtf >_> .. I really wish people wouldn't listen to this guy because this video is completely anti-American, and the jokes are childish, immature and of bad taste IMO. >_> .. Hey Colbert I think you forgot to make fun of human trafficking.... Oh wait, nevermind, you didn't.... Fuck you Colbert you sick bastard.
Teacher Mark
Go Bernie Colbert ....i have seen my last crappy monologue from you...
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Chris Christie - Looking Back Stephen Delivers The Restate Of Our Union 3 months ago   23:15

Chris Christie opens up about his position on the border wall, his ongoing feud with Jared Kushner and his private conversations with Donald Trump.

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