Story of Stuff, The Critique Part The Story of Broke 2 days ago   09:01

The Story of Stuff is a Leftist Indoctrination Movie Being Shown in Schools All Over America.


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Lee Doren has a passion for public speaking, being the youngest speaker to lecture for the Ronald Reagan Political Lecture Series at Oberlin College. He has given speeches in Annapolis, Maryland on the Bill of Rights and at the U.S. Capitol for the 9/12 March on Washington. He has been invited to lecture at The Cato Institute, The Institute for Energy Research, the Young Britons’ Foundation in the United Kingdom, the State Policy Network and Lehigh University. He has also provided commentary for Fox News, CNN, Reuters, PBS and Air America.

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Joseph Ieraci
whos here for the Ethics exam???
Thomas Kelly
A good commentary on a silly video
J- Nifty
So I’m just going to say it. How the world works doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I have now viewed and critiqued every video he has made and they are flooded with false information and just blatant lies. Anyone with a basic understanding of science and economics can easily debunk his stances and further prove that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. My advice to anyone viewing this video of any of how the world works other videos is to simply scrap it and move on to credible source. May I suggest potholer54’s page. You will find yourself much more informed there.
Steve MacDonald
7:24 I love this guy
holy SHIT zero waste, that means 100% efficiency right, why haven't I know about this I'll make millions since no one else is really doing it.
Somsubhra Moulick
Unimaginable wow dumbs be happy with your dumbness,- no sense of environment, history or politics. Only got a big ego about consumerism. Try to oppen your eyes to see around the world the environmental and political problems dumbs like you are creating. Living in the capsule of cold war, dumbs. Try to know the reality, dont just rubish other views as just communism.
Hope, some day you are cured of your red peril.
Ben Hamilton
Some of these arguments are true, however no true capitalist economy is fully self-sustaining and pollution and resource use are very real problems.
Ben Hamilton
7:13 oh hot damn dis mah jam
Liberty Likes2.0
I watched this when I was little and the Story of Stuff has just come out, and I watch it now as a political activist on college campuses and the social director for my branch of Turning Point. Love you, Lee Doran!
I love the russian music. Well used
HUCK stir
Jules César
This critique is a still more ridiculously doctrinal propaganda than the original video. It is pure delirium ! Comparing sustainability to communism is the most dumb, stupid thing I haven't heard for years.
Well done explanation on arguing this video. Well earned sub! ;-)
Israel Chavez
I think we actually found someone dumber than Hillary Clinton
James Xu
Well at least your video cause my happiness to peak!
I am literally sharing this with every contact ever.
Xander Mann
LOVED the soviet music at the end, seriously had to pause it until I stopped laughing. May not agree with all of your critiques of the video but you're certainly more factually accurate than a story of stuff is.
Matt Giesler
Excellent job adding Soviet National Anthem to the end of the video, comrade! I got a good laugh out of it.
"Local living? Like a Gulag?"
The fundamental flaw with this part is that standard of living = increase happiness.. which isn't true
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The Story of Broke Story of Stuff, The Critique Part 2 days ago   08:07

The United States isn't broke; we're the richest country on the planet and a country in which the richest among us are doing exceptionally well. But the truth is, our economy is broken, producing more pollution, greenhouse gasses and garbage than any other country. In these and so many other ways, it just isn't working. But rather than invest in something better, we continue to keep this 'dinosaur economy' on life support with hundreds of billions of dollars of our tax money.

The Story of Broke calls for a shift in government spending toward investments in clean, green solutions—renewable energy, safer chemicals and materials, zero waste and more—that can deliver jobs AND a healthier environment. It's time to rebuild the American Dream; but this time, let's build it better.




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