ODELL BECKHAM TRADED! An Underrated Rivalry Game! (Cardinals 2 days ago   07:10

NFL Network reacts to the trade between the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns for Odell Beckham Jr.

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Mhd 888
The football giants ohh yeah we don't have to say football and base ball when talking about a team the cardinals left st Louis in 1988 we just sound stupid know
K1K1 5EB
GIANTS ARE DONE 3-13 season
I'am glad the gay pirate is gone. Just wait until things don't go his way and he starts to act. OBJ showed his heart when he didn't stick his nose in to get the ball on the overtime kickoff game against the Bears that would have won the game for the NYGs.
Brendan Reedy
browns have a chance
I was a giants fan but now I hate them for trading obj
Chicago Dude
At these patriot “fans” are going to switch over to the browns 😂
Patty Williams
I am mad the browns suck
Ryan Michael TV
I’m pissed. I’m a real New Yorker why giants
Bryar Hooks
That nod
Bones 3219
Man I’m really happy what the browns are doing I really hope they do good.
Damn, the Steelers wasted the seasons where the Browns were bad.
Content_ Not_Deleted
The brown are gonna be even WORSE
At least that OBJ don't have to deal with the pain in the ass NYC media no more
Adrein Kelley
Eli Manning is the biggest joke of the NFL. Those Super Bowl wins are credited to his wideouts, not his arm talent. Giants might as well go get Jeff Fisher to complete the job.
Amazingplayer Jr
I love OBJ😍
This is actually a rare case where the player acquired will stand to gain more than the team that acquired him. Meaning ODB wasn't needed by Cleveland, but he needed a team that was better.

His numbers are going to improve. The question is for how much more money.
Mike Hawk
Who cares Beckham? What a clown they only trade her because her ankles hurt makes sense good call. #let's save some money!!! I don't follow Giants too at all but let's get rid of that princess Manny.
rick clendenin
For a plow and a mule?
VocabularyAlvin VocabularyAlvin
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An Underrated Rivalry Game! (Cardinals ODELL BECKHAM TRADED! 2 days ago   15:57

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