Machine Gun Kelly - Hollywood Whore Machine Gun Kelly - 27 1 day ago   03:28

Machine Gun Kelly - Hollywood Whore

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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Hollywood Whore. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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Hope fully people aren't not clicking on the song cause its called hollywood whore, thinking he is rapping about chicks.
Seeking Vital
MGK keep bringing the Heat.
tanishq dhingra
This guy needs more attention!
Daniel dore
Ok....i liked it.
Didnt want to.
But i do. Nice one man
Josh Sanchez
Did anyone notice if you pause at the right moment it says R.I.P. Chester Bennington
2:49 - 2:51 RIP Chester
kaustubh panchbhai
In the end drops... MGK stay on this track. 👍
Jonathan Grace
I honestly would love to see a song with MGK (this style) & Eminem. I think they could do it.
Tyler Durden
I'm getting Mike Shinoda Vibes off diss track. Pretty nice 👌
oG x DeMoNz I Original Gamers
Straight fire!!
Turn It Up
What happened to Homies Man Bunn? Eminems diss on his man bunn hit home i guess lol.
Che Thao
Fireeee bruhh
fondaE Spirit
I believe after being part of the movie cast "The Dirt" (Motley Crue) has influenced him to rock. Saludos MGK
alex bezuglyy
Kind of new to MGk, only kind of know him. Does he have any other music where he just calmly sings like this instead of yelling his out his songs?
Skring Say
2:49 "Rip Chester Bennington"
Mr Grehan
Ripped off linkin parks in the end. Sad.
urmm..hollywood whore is by pappa roach
Glad that he's back after (B)cringe, I don't mean to be hating, that album just was not something I personally enjoyed from him, but these new songs are more like him, and I am loving it!
Imal Kesara Nalindu Jayathilake
Plz some one explain lyrics and why using lp numb background music❤️❤️❤️
Sangram Singh
Holyshit this is lit
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