Michael Giacchino - Crossing the Marigold João Pedro Gonçalves - Pulsar 2 months ago   01:55

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"The World Es Mi Familia" http://mnot.es/2C1ZgT8
"La Llorona" http://mnot.es/2jOSPeP
"Proud Corazón" http://mnot.es/2AJLvIx

Music video by Michael Giacchino performing Crossing the Marigold Bridge. (C) 2017 Walt Disney Records/Pixar


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hee Hee hee
The time when this song was played as Miguel crossed the bridge to the other side of the world, it's just overwhelming, the guitar, the trumpet, together with the string instruments, I was....wow wow wow
Gabriela Lisboa
Eu amo esse crescendo
Khogulan Mohan Kumar
wonder how this music was arranged, magical stuff, speaks directly to my soul.
Hippity Hoppity
Chills ery tiem
Tyrannus Thunderis
Welcome to México amigos
Miraculous Andreita
¡Que bello soundtrack!!!! ¡Que bonita música!
Pooja Dutonde
The only soundtrack which now came into my happy and emotional songs playlist . I am not lying but listening the soundtrack while watching the movie(COCO) made me cry. Everytime when I used to listen this music, I deeply lost in my beautiful imaginations. ☺☺☺
Elvire B
Michael Giacchino really is something else isn't he ? =)
Sofía Chávez
Ay me da pena esa cancion
Ramsey Bolton
When the marimba enters. Miguel picks the marigold flowers in the floor and watches the bridge in awe is a perfect depiction of how we love and feel for our family thats passed on. Its a feeling of nostalgia, yet sorrow but mostly joy. Cause everyone that touches us in life is never forgotten, not really. This was the best film of 2017
Liliana Rios-garcia
That scene when the music just roars with such passion made my heart's swell it was beautiful
*imagines the scene
Samus Aram
Michael Gianccino captured perfectly the sound of my mexico, always i have been a great fan of his scores....
Yooo this is the same guy who worked on the Up soundtrack omg
Kafa Billah
the best part is 0:40 - 0:55
aaaAAA the EmOtIONS
Roy Roy
Hermosa pelicula
que bueno que no fui el único al que se le salieron las lágrimas con esta escena c':
Sofía Jiménez
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João Pedro Gonçalves - Pulsar Michael Giacchino - Crossing the Marigold 2 months ago   02:05

Coco banda sonora completa aqui: http://bit.ly/2zTfkbD

Music video by João Pedro Gonçalves performing Pulsar do Meu Corazón. (C) 2017 Walt Disney Records/Pixar