Avengers Endgame: How History Defines What Nobody Realized About 1 day ago   21:20

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Superheroes: You keep getting older, and they stay the same. Or do they? Join us as we explore how the Marvel Cinematic Universe remained cohesive while giving its main characters three very different kinds of narratives. We'll also see how these narratives correspond to 3 different philosophies on history.

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Written by: Matthew Theriault
Directed by: Elizabeth Yarwood
Hosted by: Jared Bauer
Edited by: Mark Potts
Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin
Produced by: Emily Dunbar

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Hey everyone. A quick correction. The adjective "linear" to describe the work of Marx and Hegel isn't quite right - they both view history as dialectical, which involves a lot of back and forth. But they both, as the video mentions, imagine an overall progress towards an endpoint.
J . N . Breitbarth Check me out on Patreon
I cant believe you quoted ecclesiastes " aka the book of the preacher" without comparing it to each of the avengers philosophy it's a versatile text pertaining to how no matter what you try to do " their is nothing new under the sun" from living a life of hardwork, hedonism, or even knowledge you will never discover a feeling only you have felt. eternal happiness on, earth is unattainable
Speedzone Speedforce
I appreciate this channel being tolerant to other political leanings.
Speedzone Speedforce
Ironically steve picks up Tony's libertarian stance in the right to choose.
Why are all you morons going on about 'is that Adam Kovich? Who gives a fuck? It seems you can't escape stupid anywhere on youtube nowadays.
my tits
i still feel like Steve and Tony's arcs should've been flipped, cuz Tony's done enough recently to earn some rest with his family, and Cap should've been the one to sacrifice because his "don't trade lives" thing is what let Thanos get Vision and he could've atoned for that.

but this is a VERY interesting analysis. it's super neat that the trinity are three unique character arcs.
00:45 uhh, no it doesn't. battle of minas tirith beats the shit out of endgame battle scene. LOVED endgame, but c'mon.
"How was Endgame able to provide a fulfilling conclusion to so many narratives."

They care about the product. It's not difficult.
christian noel
Thanos: i am inevitable.

Tony: i am ironman.

Groot: i am groot.
Happy ClamGuy
Marvel movies are basically polished turds: they may be shiny, but they're still shit. Kudos to you guys, though, for trying to find the kernels of corn in the shit.
Fabian Miranda
The comment to ayn rands philosophy as always is moslty out of context.
Ah, the Avengers’ Trinity. May they live on forever as the perfectly balanced tripod that they were.
carlos Martinez
This video is wrong on Captain America.

He actually change in proportion on how Stark change.

In the first Captain America, Steve sacrificed himself in order to save the world. He choose duty over love (cause he dit it knowing he would never see her again)

By the end of Endgame, Steve did exactly the opposite of sacrifice: he took the selfish choice of not going back to his timeline, in order to be with the love of his life. He chose love over duty.

He changed himself influenced by Stark. He started to see the value of a little selfisness.

Stark was influenced by Steve, seeing the value of duty and sacrifice.

Another instace that shows how Steve changed throught the film, is in Civil war. You start seeing how he is becoming sceptical of following orders.
At the same time, Tony started to see the value of being ordered.

They just keep influencing each other. So, Captain America did not stay the same; he changed a lot, just as Tony.
You take back what you said about pelennor field
guy anermanator
Please fix Hulk.
Is that Adam Kovic reading the quotes?
Dark Charizard
11:59 I’d recognize Adam Kovic’s voice anywhere haha.
Mr Midnight Turbo
From what i saw it was the end of the men hero's story as disney pushes feminism story forward "one story end another begins"
“To be a still point in a turning world is a warriors greatest feat.”
Yeah, fat Thor is 'progression'.
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What Nobody Realized About Avengers Endgame: How History Defines 1 day ago   10:25

Looking Inside the Final Battle of Marvel Avengers Endgame

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Everyone knows the ultimate fight in Avengers: Endgame was a massive moment of payoff for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but did you ever wonder just how the special effects team managed to pull it all off? Learn why the Mad Titan Thanos needed his own special animation and how much work went into the final farewell to Tony Stark. We’ll also tell you why Natasha Romanoff not being on set threw off the crew when they were filming. The final battle was a serious who’s who of superheroes, but did you know that the dark elves very nearly showed up too? We’ll also talk about some Easter Eggs you didn’t notice, including the appearance of Howard the Duck.

Of course, you probably noticed tons of female heroes including Captain Marvel and the Wasp teaming up for an epic moment of fan service, but did this A Force reference go over the line? We’ll also talk about which movie moments paid tribute to the “Infinity Gauntlet” storyline in the comic books. The fate of Captain America’s shield might not have been a surprise for some!

What do you think about the way this epic scene turned out in the movie? Do you think it was an absolutely perfect product or is there something else you would’ve rather seen? Take a moment to share your thoughts with us in the comments section and then click on the subscribe button to get access to more of the latest and greatest videos from us here at CBR.


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