Game Theory: This is NOT Your Old people are SAVAGE! 6 months ago   17:50

The Game Theorists
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The Tragedy of Deltarune ►
Who is W.D. Gaster? (Undertale) ►

Special thanks to Whynne again as well as Geoff from Mother's Basement for helping me work through all the bits and pieces of this huge series of three theories!
Also, special thanks to itsmeveronica for usage of their custom Ralsei crying animation ►►1:07

The biggest mystery of Deltarune is how it connects to Undertale. Is it a prequel? A sequel? Something completely different? Today Loyal Theorists, I am here to help you solve this mystery. What is Deltarune? Oh boy, do I have an answer for you!

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Aidan Kiger
hey, what about kris trying to report the dark world? how do you explain that?
misalanius channel misalanius channel
Lol the video actually starts 1/3 of the way lol
Wolflord4533 Lol
just getting chis is chara and frisk my dumb self
KittenCat 101
"How much time you got?"

Uh..... four minutes
Zanaisu Animations
Deltarune is nice....

But I still want undertale 2
Did u mean krismas
Canadian Magd
if the war between humans and monsters didn't occur then where is the other humans? there is only kris and monsters..make a theory about that.
tornado 2
So I just played the game finished it in two days and as soon as I start to watch these videos but when I played a at the end asriel dark form in my game took off his hat and to me personally kind of look like toriel
Agent Swivel A.K.A Virgo
And am I the only one who thinks Did "i do that yet"? Then think "probably in another universe" I think I have changed a lot sense I have started playing Undertale and I mean I also think a lot "What if ____ never happend?"how would that change my life IDK maybe I am over reacting
Is Ralsie the river person?
Phan Trash
Can you PLEASE stop taking 4 minutest to get to the ACTUAL theory!? 😂

I love you and all mat... But SERIOUSLY
AssFace Mcduckerson
Me: sorry I don't buy merch
Shows theory merch
Little K
Is Kris a boy or a girl
TheHeartless Gamer
At least Undyne can still end up missing a eye since she is a cop
theflaminglitten 2019
in one timeline mettaton becomes king
Kris is Chara
Aleks be
5 min intro
5:49 just realised that it says Librarby
I just had a theory,
In Undertale there is a story for Chara and Asriel showing how they attempted to free the monsters from the underground (as seen in the true pasafist route of the game). What if Deltarune exists in a world where they got out of the underground using the mixed soul of Asriel and Chara. It may seem like a stretch, but is it? In Undertale, when trying to figure out who Gaster is a lot of stuff realated to spacetime continuum so assuming that there is a different timeline where the monsters made it to the surface before Frisk even existed doesn't seem to hard to believe. The only problem is Sans, Papyrus and Gaster, if Gaster didn't have the chance to fall into his creation, then why do Sans and papyrus even exist in the Deltarune universe? That is why I came to YouTube. See if anyone can figure this out because I'm hecka sure I can't. And finding people in a theorist community is just the way to try and figure this crap out 😀
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Old people are SAVAGE! Game Theory: This is NOT Your 6 months ago   11:20

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