After Christmas SURPRISE For Tydus!! CHRISTMAS MORNING OPENING PRESENTS 3 weeks ago   13:21

Trav and Cor
Tydus aka Mini Jake Paul and his sister are super excited to get to take care of our new dog!

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Hi, we are Travis and Corey (Trav and Cor). We are a family of 4 that lives in California. Corey and I had our first baby (Tydus) on 5/24/14 and we had our baby girl (Ryatt) on 8/10/16. We are a fun loving family that likes to joke around and laugh. We love vlogging our daily lives to keep a record and to share with all of you! Follow us as we do all sorts of fun and funny things and continue to grow our family. Mahalo!

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TheLoyalHunter Canning
I love you this can I get a shout out please
Lola Jervis
So cute
XxflipshotxX One shot
Love how tydus is wearing fends an Gucci in some cids
Justin Loosemore
Nayeli Ortiz
Done l make shoutouts
June Llido
Ryry walks funny
andres gamino
LunaTheHusky YT
Aww that dog is soo cute
Tydus I hope you take care of that cute dog
And have a good day
Baila Wane
WOW tydus this is a cool dog
Nicolae Geana
I I want to have a shout outFrom Kevin Gianna
Angel Collins
Hi tidis i love. You so. Much
Dennelle Stone
You have a good time at your house
Angela Gibson
So cool tydus
April’s Vlogs
PLEASE GIVE ME A SHOUT OUT :)) I love y’all so MUCHHH cute family
Lacy Wesley
Tydus your the best
h h
hi im a fan can you give meva shoutout
Suleiman Khan
I love your dog so much
Ry Ry is soooooooo cute
Galactic Gaming
I love your videos but I wish I could see you
Samantha Cook
Don't shout it Herts my ears
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CHRISTMAS MORNING OPENING PRESENTS After Christmas SURPRISE For Tydus!! 3 weeks ago   30:19

Welcome to our Christmas morning opening presents 2018 with so many cute and excited reactions. Christmas present opening is so much fun!

#christmasmorning #openingchristmaspresents #openingpresents

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