Context: Hanukkah Part III, Notable Differences between the Masoretic 2 months ago   06:24

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The Jewish community is fractured with loyalties split between Temples. Antiochus III is succeeded by Antiochus IV who escalates the problem by starting an aggressive campaign of enforced Hellenization.

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 Jews celebrate a false Chanukah that has nothing in common with the historical reality. Here's a reminder to those who haven't absorbed the lesson of Chanukah. Chanukah isn't a universal "festival of lights" for Jews to share with the gentile world. The Maccabees weren't multiculturalists fighting for religious freedom. They were Jewish zealots who waged a brutal war against the Greek swine who tried to destroy the Jewish soul.
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Notable Differences between the Masoretic Context: Hanukkah Part III, 2 months ago   28:11

What books does the Septuagint have that the Masoretic Text does not? What are some additions to some books that are in both? What are some major differences between the Septuagint and Masoretic? Are there any known problems with the Septuagint?


Differences in Jeremiah:


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