IMF maintains global economic growth 2016: Why India Is the World's Fastest-Growing 1 day ago   01:40

IMF, 올해 세계 경제성장률 전망 3.5%로 유지

The International Monetary Fund maintained its growth forecast for the global economy this year... but it revised its projection for the world's two largest economies.
For more, our Kim Ji-yeon reports.
The International Monetary Fund said the global economy is expected to grow 3-point-5-percent in 2017 and 3-point-6-percent in 2018.
The IMF lowered its projection for the U.S. economy this year... by zero-point-two-percentage-points to 2-point-1-percent,... citing lower first quarter earnings and uncertainties stemming from its fiscal policies.
At the same time, the IMF raised its projection for the Chinese economy this year... by zero-point-one-percentage-point to 6-point-7-percent... largely due to better-than-expected first quarter earnings performance.
The forecast for the Korean economy was not included in the latest report.
Locally, Korea is expected to grow 2-point-8-percent this year, up by zero-point-two-percentage-points from earlier projections... by the Bank of Korea early this month.
The central bank said Korea recovered slightly from a downturn due to the global recovery, and that exports have improved... but not by enough to boost employment figures and domestic consumption.
The number of new jobs in June posted its lowest on-year climb in five months,... and youth unemployment rate stood at ten-point-five percent,... the highest for the month of June since 1999.
The annual growth rate for Asia's fourth-largest economy has remained in the two-percent range since 2012, except for 2014 when it grew 3-point-3-percent.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

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2016: Why India Is the World's Fastest-Growing IMF maintains global economic growth 1 day ago   01:42

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