Gatwick Airport: Passengers react Michael Moore Says Donald 5 months ago   00:54

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Passengers using Gatwick Airport on Wednesday night and Thursday morning were left stranded, furious and confused, after the airport closed its runway due to drones seen flying over the airfield.

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Paul Liddle
Something's going on, now the news is there may have been no drones over Gatwick . Then it's UFO sightings
Simon Ruszczak
It's a Government scam.
richies quest
Never again its the Eurostar for me.
"Humilated By An Argos Toy"

They couldn't stop a poet with a pen, so how they gonna stop a drone/
This whole country is a big joke, and I'm ashamed to call it home
All of the flights got cancelled, and then the airport was closed/
Whilst the ground come to a standstill, calling Fed's on the phone
But when the police finally arrived, they couldn't shoot it for sh*t/
All staring up at the sky, like some stupid little pr*cks
Every single country is watching, whilst we're being mocked/
Like to stop em ain't an option, so we've settled for being a flop
Give me a shotgun and a shot, and I'll pop it out the clouds/
But give a copper a shotgun, and he'll stand there for hours
I remember the power was ours, and now that power has gone/
Too busy coked up in towers, to see what is really going on
This country used to be strong, and now it's weak like my fam/
It's like I'm surrounded by mongs, too stupid to understand
I feel to take a trip to Argos, so I can buy me a toy/
Just to fly it over Gatwick, and make the country annoyed.

Copyright 2018 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)
Brian Lillquist
Someone’s in deep shit!!
Timed perfectly for the drone laws that Graylings been trying to get passed. The public will all now be convinced that a ban (except for a large payment) on drones is a good idea. Fishy and a bit too cocky to rely on the gullibility of the populace?
Mary Poppins
Lies lies deceit lies deceit lies blah blah and on and on, UK media ... lies deceit, censorship, bullying, manipulation uk government brexit blah blah take more taxes, lie, deceive, hide, did I miss anything?
Mary Poppins
Did anyone read the article by the ‘independent’ demonizing the yellow vest movement and tarnishing them as a far right Brexiteer movement 🤬.

Please try and find the yellow vest movement in Europe ... difficult because the internet is now heavily censored without you knowing.

The yellow vest movement is the kick back against the unfair poverty being put on hard working people.
I am a full time working professional single mum. The wage this government pays me is not a living wage and will only last 2.5 -3 weeks. They are putting people in debt who are doing nothing but working and surviving.
The independent article is a fine example of how the media are working with the government to quieten any dissent. Misdirection.
The UK press do what the government tells them with their ‘D’ notices.
It’s pathetic. We know you are hiding and twisting the truth.
We the people understand how we have been ripped off to the point we have nothing to lose.
My yellow vest is in the back of my car and it will be used.
The media and the government are both of the same coin. We are waking up in masses.
Tick tock.
Random Task
Should have brought in some clay pigeon shooters, not the military. What an embarrassing load of tosh.
Jimmy Nash
Get some army drones with sub machine guns mounted,,we can have dog fights over Gatwick.
Steve Jay
Closed for 24h? Wow... I want that DRONE BATTERY...
Tabs T
Welcome to the UK where authorities are useless but want foreigners out.
0:25 lol, Nintendo Switch
Shammy CP
No planes flying! Whooo I get a lay in (I live next to Gatwick Airport) lol
Pancake Pan
Leo Darnell
someone couldve shot the drone down in 30 minutes.
FRA 1111
Mark Doney-Mccloud
So such superior tech and you cant shoot down a drone, how sad!
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Michael Moore Says Donald Gatwick Airport: Passengers react 5 months ago   13:22

Filmmaker Michael Moore tells Ali Velshi why the protest resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis is the "the first time I've actually been frightened for the country" and weighs in on the economic turmoil under Trump.
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