PIPO | Scary Gachaverse Story Do Not Laugh Or Suffer The Consequences! w/LaurenZSide 3 months ago   13:29

Reacting to another Gacha Life, Gachaverse, or Gacha Studio story. This story is called "PIPO" and it was... hilariously scary?

Original Video:

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delia dipego
The little girl in here dresses up as the girl that I was singing Hit or miss
Jay Jay
im jay jays sister
Jay Jay
she LOVE HIM!!!
Guillermo ramirez
To anaya I think pipo pipo like you
Gacha Kitty
For every like I will add a 🐶
BeeBee The Fortnite moblie player Beedabee
It a day care
Mike Gambarrotti
I gave this video a like, plz dont kill meh pipo! I am only 9!
milky sock
The original got removed! :(
Ruth Randeniya
At the end Ariana Grande starts singing god is a women
Amethyst_rare_girl Head
I did this with me toys how is this creepy?
CKPlayz TV
Horqque Official
Yandere: Anaya
Senpai: Pipo
Rival: Everyone
Ronda Swartz
I watch this everyday you are my favorite you tuber and you make everything funnier than before this is my favorite gacha you posed
Emma Saxby
This is not EVEN scary SAY *Not scary * if you think this is not scary
Shanevlogs 08
Good night pipo good morning pipo
Sariya Johnson
WTF was that😑😑😑😑😨 I wasted 13minutes of my life to see some crazy shit but you should try vampire brothes
Irusha Dsouza
You should watch Mølly It is very scary😨😨😨
Erick Paniagua
PIPPO jahahahahagahshshahahhshshs
A Harles
What the hek
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Do Not Laugh Or Suffer The Consequences! w/LaurenZSide PIPO | Scary Gachaverse Story 3 months ago   11:00

Hey guys and welcome to another video! Today I am joined with Lauren and we are watching funny videos. If we laugh, then we have to suffer a consequences... Which dare was your favorite?

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