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Dave Lee
Before I review iPad OS, here are some early thoughts. The laptop replacement dream continues with iOS 13
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Dave Lee
iPad OS is SO good but i'm starting to doubt this tablet can ever actually replace a laptop (and I don't even think Apple wants it to)
Michael John Lozano
but for me, it is more than enough. I want a tablet that can be a laptop if I need it to be. not the other way around.
Douglas Marinini
There are lots of people who want the iPads to become a computer replacement, even though they don’t want them to be mediocre as tablets. The problem with iPadOS is that it is mediocre as a computer. The solution could be an OS that looks like iPadOS but has nothing less than macOS, not an OS that has less things than a computer...
Σταύρος Διαμαντής
We want also autodesk inventor
Mehedi Sojib
Do u prefer surface go or Ipad pro with Ipad OS?
Luc Levesque
I agree with you that the iPad pro will be the best tablet a tablet can be, i hope it doesn’t lose any of its advantages in trying to become a laptop.
Mostafa AlBelliehy
I handed my old laptop to my wife to use it, however she stick to her 5.5” smartphone for all her digital needs. My sister uses her small tablet a lot instead of her laptop, which she uses when she edits a heavy Word documents for her work and studies. Those are the customer base who will use the iPad (not only the Pro) as a main compute, not us digital pros.
Royce.S Lu
i think what apple wanted is u can try everything on mobile(instead of iphone) and leaving those ideas becoming reality in desktop.
They need to free the software..it’s still held back
Jack Sarcone
The only limitation I see is no fcpx. That has to be on its way though.
Patrick Cruz
Most people don’t use Xcode... or even know what that is. I think for 99.99% of people a regular iPad can handle all their computing needs... the last .01% can buy a Mac Pro or whatever to run Premier and Xcode
YRN Juvy
I don't understand how a trillion dollars company is always late with technology were in 2019 apple is still in 2010
Ipad = semi-pro
PC=actual professional
What’s missing in iPad OS . . . macOS. Absolutely no reason not to. A new iPad Pro is more capable than my 2014 15” MBP Retina with the NVIDIA chip.
Jonathan Boykin
Surface Pro 4 / Form Factor limitation?
Moun Glow
Can it run games ? No then it will never replace win laptops deal with it.
Best reviewer on youtube
John Hooyer
Perhaps they can make their Pro lineup look more like the 32" Wacom Cintiq Pro. That would be my suggestion. Otherwise, I could simply enough save up for a Cintiq and make it the second monitor for a Mac.
Enrico Schiappa
IOS Pad 13 make me decide to get an iPad Pro. Still expensive but works great with this updated OS.
Apple is taking a cautious approach, which is correct way. Meanwhile the hardware gets better and the software UI gets sorted out before jumping into a pro app.
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The LEGENDARY Gaming Setup What's Missing from iPad 2 days ago   07:43

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