Saxxon & AK1200 - Ignition Feat. Drowning - AK1200 5 months ago   02:56

Liondub International
"Ignition" features Saxxon collaborating with US Drum & bass legend AK1200 alongside Bristol's ruling vocal champion, Blackout JA. Stream & purchase Saxxon's "Action Saxxon - Jungle Odyssey" LP now:

Liondub International celebrates it's 10 year anniversary and releases the debut 23 track concept album from Norwich, UK based Saxxon. Available worldwide at all major retailers and streaming platforms.

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Loving this ep!
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Drowning - AK1200 Saxxon & AK1200 - Ignition Feat. 5 months ago   05:23

I made this vid with pics from my giant folder of em on my computer. This song is old and I dont really like drum n bass but its a classic that reminds me of an old friend.

:oh wait why did i even upload this to youtube... its out of synch and some cool parts are gone completely thanks YT u suck! message me if you want the vid.