Luke Combs - Even Though Brantley Gilbert - Man That Hung 1 day ago   03:47

Listen to “Even Though I’m Leaving” by Luke Combs, off of his EP; The Prequel, now:

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Sandra Bly
Thank You for Sharing, I Love this song My father passed away soon be 41 years and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. God Bless You Like Combs
Nancy Sahrakar
Omg that Mandolin solo😭😭😭😭 Beautiful ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Treasure Planet sequel please.
William Lewis
I hope an pray luke combs continues to have that same tune an sound of country awseome song country strong
Bri Mitchell
This song is to both my babies. I may not be there with you physically but that doesn't mean I wont be right there with you both. Mommy loves you with all of her heart and I'm not going no where💜 we will be together again soon♡
Unicorn Power
This song makes me cry because my papa died and I was really special to him because I’m his only granddaughter
Jennifer Ledune
Amazing song; amazing artist!
Forever XxCountryGirlxX
And another one of Luke Combs’ songs to bring me to tears. ♥️ Finally a REAL country singer again! Absolute favorite music artist. I remember my dad showing me one of your song covers before anyone even knew your name!
Zackary 1928
This reminds me of my grandpa
Sergio One
Im waiting for Youtube to let us put the screen shots. Its coming. 2020
Sergio One
I cant believe its only 35K up. Americas been great. My brother died for this shit. Iraq 2006 🇺🇸
Sergio One
A1990s hip hop baby listen to new age country. Real Music speaks for itself.
Sergio One
This is what im talking about. My android is on 7 percent. Real Music speaks for itself
Shelly Thomas
This a perfect song if your going through a divorce
Amber Grove
This made me ball like a baby! I’m leaving for the Army soon and this just broke me
TopNovice5735 mousetraps
I've tried to listen to this song multiple times and this is the first time I got all the way through it.
towdon john
I lost my dad back in April of 2016 to his short but fierce battle with cancer. He was my hero and idol growing up and still is to this day. That was the most crushing phone call I have ever gotten in my life, my life truly changed that day. Whenever the pain starts climbing up this song really helps me through it.
Funny caRp
my dad passed away last year Sept 24 And This Song Made me Cry
Peter Loretan
Wow what a singer and writer.every song a no. 1 hit. Thanks a lot. Peter from Switzerland
Ronda Anderson
I love this song ❤️ and you
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Brantley Gilbert - Man That Hung Luke Combs - Even Though 1 day ago   03:36

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