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Our genes are still programme us to survive by conserving energy and eating when we can. However our living conditions have evolved way beyond survival. As a consequence we have adopted unhealthy living practices. Fighting our genes is difficult, so why not be more practical and adapt our living conditions. David van Bodegom presents his research and inspiration from Ghana.

Ageing expert David van Bodegom radically changed his career as a medical doctor when he realized he did not want to cure people anymore; he wanted to keep them healthy. He was inspired by a 93 year old man in Ghana, who showed him how the living environment is the key to healthy ageing. Now he shares the recipe for a healthy long life with us.

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Bryan Sarver
Yes but how can you help people that don’t want help? You see I have a friend and he is so heavy and just doesn’t care. I don’t like him much anymore.
Paulette Michigan
I am surprised that so few people have watched this video. I appreciate his perspective: Our unhealthy lifestyle is, in many ways, a matter of bad environment, not bad behavior. Yes, some what he says is “common sense,” but he conveys his message in a thoughtful and thought-provoking way.
Awakened sky
This common sensical thinking can revolutionize the whole of our idea of healthcare system. Live an healthy life & you don't need cure except for cases like car accidents or a fall from steps.
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Slowing down ageing | João Be smarter than your genes 2 days ago   11:40

His research focuses on understanding the genetic, cellular, and molecular mechanisms of ageing. On our stage de Magalhães will share with us the latest developments in his research and will answer the most heated question: What is ageing and how do we prevent it? He will help to unlock the realities of a world where we can manipulate the biological machinery of ageing.

Researcher at the University of Liverpool studying aging, longevity and genome biology

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