'If you Google the word idiot, a picture Google CEO Sundar Pichai complete 3 months ago   01:43

BBC News
Google's Chief executive Sundar Pichai went in front of US Congress to defend his company to lawmakers.

He faced questions about political bias and how the company uses personal data.

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Shah Tusar
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Donald J. Trump
Personally, I believe that idiot can refer to both, an unrecognized genius or just someone stupid. I identify as the former and believe that is what the internet was trying to portray me as by presenting my photo under images for the search. I do not take offense to any of this, and I am rather flattered by the complement.
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Spider Salticidae
hilary's face should appear when you google " liar"  " deception"
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The Savage Starfish
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Mark W1MBF
He comes up because, well...in fact he is an Idiot...
jshowa o
Algorithms are only as good as their input. The answer to why you see Trump show up in images under idiot is because a lot of people are searching for Donald Trump and idiot.
Wendy S.
Is "Idiot" Trump's middle name? LOL
Natalie Barnes
Thunder Wolf
OMG the Monopoly dude in the back. That stash is lit!
Code: Unknown
0:21 who that whitebeard?
Brian Beierle
It's a fact.. he is an idiot
well google isnt wrong
Jack Stapleton
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Francisco Ramirez
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Ejaj Ahmed
Trumpidiot , Google image is on the spot. Spade is Spade is spontaneous.
Aneeh Spark
If every one consider Trump an id**t whats the mistake of Sundar in this,
Still we are working on AI .... But thats absoultely fine..

Why asking such questions to Sundar... Just coz he is super dude who is rulling world with his tech skills...

You must appreciate such humble sensible and brilliant personality.

The questions asked to Sundar has no base

Sundar is outstandingg
...and l hope if you google fake/bias/deep state/ delusional/ and gutter broadcaster comes up, you get the bbc '' Where Truth and Integrity go to die''
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai complete 'If you Google the word idiot, a picture 3 months ago   06:08

Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivers his opening statement before the House Judiciary Committee during a hearing on Data Collection. Watch full video here: https://cs.pn/2SEvGL1