'If you Google the word idiot, a picture Google CEO Sundar Pichai complete 6 months ago   01:43

BBC News
Google's Chief executive Sundar Pichai went in front of US Congress to defend his company to lawmakers.

He faced questions about political bias and how the company uses personal data.

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Sandra Leiviska
It's also true that if you do a search on YouTube , and type in "what did the idiot have to say today?" Guess who pops up??? You got it....TRUMP, or as I now like to call him...."TWEETY TURD"!
James Cash
..,and this inquire just made things worst. lol!
شمايل الحجري
How does he not burst to laughter ?😂😂😂
Ted Zeiller
Accurate search engine.
vaughn burtenshaw
Trump needs psychiatric help name calling won't help him,but he should be removed from power before he does anymore damage.
ahmed musa
It was the man with the top hat and white moustache in the background
Bibek Thapa
Search algorithm (webcrawers)....... known as (science).....links word idiot of the image.....famous image and word.....relevant like if u searched too much of trump and about old psycology it pops up in ur notice more than others....yeah (peak in hit result)....like ur (curser moves to image) too much (other images).....dead end snapses of electricity graph ......yeah()....next time pops Up accodingly in recent() of dev. Pattern
lmao this came up when I looked up idiot
vincent tse
that's because Trump is an idiot
Five Stars Eliud
he is Hero, not idiot.
Kaushik Narayanan
This particular video will definitely instigate people, to type the word idiot, this will definitely increase the probability of showing the photo of president Donald Trump
A definition of the word "Idiot" appears under the "All" category. You have to go to images but I'm not hoping on google to stare at Trumps ugly orange mug.
สุริยะ วิชิตโชติ
Must than 25% idiot
Remnant Soldier
Trump 2020
Jahangir Malik
Google image....type idiot and a picture of Donald Trump comes up
America has become a Looney farm
Mephisto Underwood
Well, what do you expect?! He is the epitome of idiocy! I believe that trump is the worst and biggest idiot that have has ever been elected and he's also a bigger crook than any other, possible all other presidents combined on both accounts. Turns out, not only does hillary and billy belong in prison, so does the entire trump entourage! I just wish someone would see to it and get him out of office (one way or another,) before he does more harm! his policies (and complete lack of understanding of issues, as well as being a soviet fan boy, especially enamored with the apparent dictatorial power that putin has) is destroying the economy, the environment and eventually costing lives, as a result!

I fully believe that trump believes that being president gives him the power of a dictator and that he has the authority to ignore and change the constitution to suit hi own needs. I fully expect that if he feels that he is about to lose his power, he will declare martial law and take steps to try and enact some kind of complete takeover and shutdown of the political system.

As always, I refuse to capitalize the names of anyone I do not respect, as a sign of disrespect!
Aria Holguin
If you Google idiot Orange Orangutan a picture of Trump will show up.
The Jokebrandt
Trump has truly made America great again. It's so great that if you google "idiot", the POTUS comes up as the first result.

#MAGA #Trump2020 #SoManyTrumpflakesInTheComments
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai complete 'If you Google the word idiot, a picture 6 months ago   06:08

Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivers his opening statement before the House Judiciary Committee during a hearing on Data Collection. Watch full video here: https://cs.pn/2SEvGL1