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Giant Nitrous Shot Vs. Auction | I Bought A Really Totaled Nissan - At Ai-Tube.com

GIANT NITROUS SHOT vs. Auction I Bought a REALLY TOTALED Nissan 3 months ago   29:56

Cleetus McFarland
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Jeesh, seems like this thing is ready for BIG BOOST!

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Comments 6015 Comments

Harry Cruz
Holy fuck.... 450?!?!?!??!
larson moore
Name Ruby Scarlet.
15:56 Knock Knock whos there ?.... main crank bearings
Rahul c
can i get a shirt i am from India
Diego Bahena
14 minutes and 50 seconds until the real thing. I want my time back
Justin Sánchez
Nos 15:00
jeremy moffa
Shouldn't it be 14.7 AFR at idle ?
Nikki Wright
Sweet honey barbecue, I thought we blew the engine....... alright, lets do it again with more NOS.
joseph talbert jr.
have to say this is the most exciting vid for ruby, she's a real red headed fireball.....
Denis Silva
Tina m
Call her cherry bomb cause she blew back when shot with nos
Man Sittiphong
ขยันพูดส่ะด้วยฟังไม่รุ้เรื่อง 😅
C'mon how can you not differentiate lifter noise from rod knock, especially from those era GM engines.
Wow Amazing 😉
Alejandro Zuniga
"Sweet honey barbeque" that expression tho 😂
That's called the E85 fuel map. Holy Moly, that tune was all messed up.
Stewart Hopkins
Why not use PVC tubing. Ha!!
13:07 “We’re gonna spray it hehe.” The way he says that and laughs sounds like a kid in a candy store. The affect that Bald Eagles can have on people
300 horsepower with Nitro shut how much they think make without a Nitro , I think my Geo Metro got more power
Wes Canaday
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I Bought a REALLY TOTALED Nissan GIANT NITROUS SHOT vs. Auction 3 months ago   17:44

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