SDSU Moving Forward On Mission Will Slab City Remain 1 day ago   03:57

San Diego State University is taking important steps in the process to reshape the Mission Valley stadium site and turn it into an auxiliary campus. The school announced a comprehensive environmental impact review was underway and they reached out to the public. KPBS Environment Reporter Erik Anderson has details.

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Will Slab City Remain SDSU Moving Forward On Mission 1 day ago   06:09

Slab City is like the Wild West. It’s remote - in the brutal Imperial Valley desert. There’s no mayor, no city council, no stoplights. People have lived there for decades. They are squatters on state-owned land. They call it the last free place in America. KPBS reporter Angela Carone says Slab City’s free spirit is being challenged, and it may change the place forever. KPBS video journalist Katie Schoolov was also in Slab City to produce this story.

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