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Sam Golbach
I recreated Mr Beast's challenge "Last To Remove Hand Wins a Lamborghini" to surprise my best friend Colby Brock for his birthday!

Shoutout to @777Exotics for helping with the car!
Check em out:

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Check out Mr. Beast's original video here:

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Sam Golbach
Idk what Corey was holding during the happy birthday but... nvm. Hope you all enjoyed this video! and go tell colby happy late birthday if you haven't already ;)
hi mr beast
Death Smith
Wait so does colby actually get to keep it or is actually a rental
galaxyfox prodotions
Oh dang...
Mrbeast: how dare u steal my idea 😅
Sam: I’m inspired
Colby does the same thing but doesn’t shout him out

Steals jakes and Corey’s idea too:

it’s Colby’s birthday so... he has to win lol I hope he buys it thoooo...

shows ferrari: wow it’s adi fishmans outro music lol
what if Colby drove to the dollar store in Corey's Gucci headband and yeezis, and in a Ferrari
10:58 I literally watch that video everyday and always laugh at the same thing even though I know wbats gonna happen 😂 its just too funny
And yes Sam you got pushed off first
Jordan Darling
Hey jake, don’t make fun of the corolla. Not cool.
*goes and hugs my corolla because it’s feelings are hurt*
Jade Kuehn
Lol Aaron trying to get kat to remove her hand by yelling, “BEE FUCK SHIT FUCK-“

I love them too much 😂
Natasha Khan
I wish I could buy Colby an actual one,man I love him
Jake casually pulls down his pants
Morgan Roush
Just watching this made my insurance rates go up
Nya Collazo
is it me or mr beast got the idea from the show zoey 101🌚
Coollion24 Cool_lion_24
I bought a ferret on 5/31/19 and he likes to watch Colby's videos with me.
Khurram Mahmmood
Anyone know where colbys pants are from. If anyone knows please tell me. If you do I thank you with all my heart
Tori Stitt
"My birthday's in February, and I like cheese."
Mia Uren
Did Colby put it in s+ mode because that would have made it funnier the drive
Bates-Willis Family
do you know that is really close to 666 at the end when you said 777
I'm surprised you didn't get pulled over tbh
Adele Paku
funny I got a car ad
X xWolferplebx X
Lamborghini my ass Sam😂😂😂
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I Told My Boyfriend's Mom I'm Pregnant! (PRANK) Last To Remove Hand Wins 5 months ago   20:59




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I Told My Boyfriend's Mom I'm Pregnant! (PRANK)

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