Last To Remove Hand Wins I Told My Boyfriend's Mom I'm Pregnant! (PRANK) 2 months ago   17:51

Sam Golbach
I recreated Mr Beast's challenge "Last To Remove Hand Wins a Lamborghini" to surprise my best friend Colby Brock for his birthday!

Shoutout to @777Exotics for helping with the car!
Check em out:

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Check out Mr. Beast's original video here:

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Colby Brock:
Corey Scherer:
Jake Webber:
Katrina Stuart:
Aaron Doh:

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Sam Golbach
Idk what Corey was holding during the happy birthday but... nvm. Hope you all enjoyed this video! and go tell colby happy late birthday if you haven't already ;)
gacha_ lyric_potato
I am literally Aaron "and i like cheese"
Kenisha Roberts
Its always best friend vs girlfriend at last
Mallory Monroe
I would cry if you actually bought that car for Colby! Friendship goals!
Abbey Broncheau
I think Katrina looks really pretty with that color of hair
Dakota & Annalynn Forever
Wait does Colby get to keep the car??
jim bam
he never has it in his vids this is such bs
XxToxicGummyBearz xX
My friends dont even wish me happy birthday 😂🤦‍♀️
hyper trash
13:50 🤣🤣🤣
Does anyone know where kat got her pants
Skylar Pitzer
Did anyone else think about EXO
Kricket Keithley
Btw Colby's b-day is on the 2nd of January not the 5th he just posted it on the 5th
cool cool is yall faces!!!
*Mr.Beast has joined the chat.*
Ameera Don't Mix
10:24 😂😂😂❤❤❤
Ameera Don't Mix
You're such a good friend Sam❤❤❤
You guys are singing happy birthday and then the commercial that comes on during it for huggies and it says “Im a big kid now” I start laughing my ass off
polixwolf 195
“Daahhh ... im scared “ 2s seconds later “dahh im scared “
Brylee Mae
i love mr beast
Kenzie W
get yourself a friend that buys you a Ferrari for your birthday
Riley Sheppard
The funny thing is that Colby just like REMEMBER WHO WON THIS OR REMEMBER THE ONE WHO WON THAT when if he wins this he purposely getting to win jut makes me laugh 😂
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I Told My Boyfriend's Mom I'm Pregnant! (PRANK) Last To Remove Hand Wins 2 months ago   20:59




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I Told My Boyfriend's Mom I'm Pregnant! (PRANK)

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