Joe Rogan Experience #1265 - Andrew Joe Rogan Experience #1160 - Bert 2 days ago   3:11:33

Andrew Schulz is a stand up comedian known for his work on Guy Code, The Brilliant Idiots podcast and the Amazon original series "Sneaky Pete."

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Monkey Desu
*Whole Hog*
Mark Harrison
15-30 minutes is a good amount of time. There's nothing like listening to someone really funny and you just get burnt out from laughing. Totally ruins the experience and I never forget when it happens. Crazy but someone can be too funny to pay attention to for a long time
Janjão Jonata
MFing witch finga
Anthony Uvalle
Dude I literally watch all the shit joe watches my suggestions are the same 😂😂
Maria Kitty
This was such a good conversation! I could listen to you two go back and forth all day
Paul Quispe
Gary Vee Strategy at play. Talking about the beginning portion of this podcast.
Zach Brown
Gotta stop acting like stand up comedians are philosophers or some sort of mortal savants... just odd people that found something they liked. Comedy is subjective, let’s slow down on the comparisons you matadors.
Feike Leemkuil
The beginning explained why I am now watching this video... I saw like 2 short videos with this dude, both were funny as can be and now im here. Genius.
The Watch
Can we get Godfrey on here 👍🙏
J Dennis
Andrew is the biggest hater
J Peaks
I just found this guy today and I've watched tonnes of his content plus this now
daniel Ruthenberg
this was the best man, so enjoyed it. Andrew is a great, regular bloke. really felt connection with him.
19:48 This cracks me up man
Should bring on Khabib and his manager/translator
48:52 By Stander Effect
47:03 James Charles
Peter Cor
For JOE: Turn all your old material shit typed up, into a book and sell the book. I know I'd buy that shit. Inside the mind of the mot famous Podcaster-Comedian "The Joe Rogan Ex-Fuckin-Perience"
Tony snow
Give Andrew some water!!
justine o.
551 is amazingly funny 😂😂
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Joe Rogan Experience #1160 - Bert Joe Rogan Experience #1265 - Andrew 2 days ago   1:49:45

Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor and reality television host. His new special "Secret Time" premieres on August 24 only on Netflix.