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Andrew Schulz is a stand up comedian known for his work on Guy Code, The Brilliant Idiots podcast and the Amazon original series "Sneaky Pete."

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yo this bitch can squat
kenny powers.
Andrew is the man!!!
Alex Morales
God Dammit this was brilliant
Saud Bolden
This is white privilege at its best
Mojo Community
One of the absolute worst guesst on the show ever... 2 million veiws, wow, he must be something besides max annoying,
Miguel Arellano Cazares
1:56:41........ wow joe “please think I’m funny” rogan
Cut de Pie Fails
Refer to an Angolan as black and you will be eating the concrete. Use negro and it's like normal. Black aka 'preto' would be the depreciative word for slaves, never negro. Someone in US just messed it up and it turned an respectful descriptive adjective into the opposite. Or they just wanted to destroy any 'respectful' reference towards slaves. Idk. I do know negro -> nigger -> nigga is only disrespectful in US and the rest was by cultural contamination.
Mike Saladino
Haha my man is def from NY he said “facts” shoutout andrew schulz this dudes hilarious
Biff Dingus
Glad Joe had this guy on. I'd never heard of him. He is one of the funniest comedians I have seen in years. I shit you not he is on the level of Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, Louis C.K, and other greats.
Emin Kerim
Andrew is trying too hard
Jack Burgin
Billy Connolly is in the states soon, new York I think. Please try and get him on! That would make my life.
Hopefully you already have.
joe, have russel peters on.
This guys is great
Brandon Pennington
Cotto got a hold of Floyd too...
Matthew Kissel
Stand ups a great thing but they started to talk like it was the answer to cancer
Get Gavin McInnes on Joe
Andrew trynna come with that brilliant idodicy but joe need that facts
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