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Claire's an experienced business coach and life coach who enjoys helping people find more hours in the day, deal with stress and find a new direction. She can also offer support around separation and divorce.

Here she offers some tips on how to ensure your thoughts, and therefore you, remain positive and lead a happy and fulfilled lifestyle.

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Secret of creating Wealth, Health, How to be Positive and Positive Thinking - Business 3 months ago   34:37

Wealth, Health, Money, Happiness and How to get what you want
''The Power of positive thinking''
by Norman Peale

Link to the book "Power of Positive Thinking" at amazon

This is a rare recording that I found of Norman Peale. Its funny and VERY educational. Listen to this recording as many times as you can. Share this audio with others. Feel free to give comment, share your ideas and experience on success formula. Norman Peale, he can be compared to such as Napoleon Hill. Both, have different style and different approach. But both want to help the reader to better their lives. Both are convince that you have the power to change your life for the better. Both pay attention in very detail to thought. Both are convinced your thought is your key to success, to happiness. Your thoughts has influence on you, on your environment on your success. Both writers challenge you to learn how to think and master yourself to success. Each of us has challenges in our lives methods by Norman Peale or Napoleon Hill, can and will help you face those challenges and win.