How to be Positive and Positive Thinking - Business How to Live a Creative Life: Dr. Ray Hsu at TEDxSFU 5 months ago   02:14

Claire's an experienced business coach and life coach who enjoys helping people find more hours in the day, deal with stress and find a new direction. She can also offer support around separation and divorce.

Here she offers some tips on how to ensure your thoughts, and therefore you, remain positive and lead a happy and fulfilled lifestyle.

For one-to-one, personalised help and advice from Claire, contact her direct via

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How to Live a Creative Life: Dr. Ray Hsu at TEDxSFU How to be Positive and Positive Thinking - Business 5 months ago   18:01

Dr. Ray Hsu is the co-founder of Art Song Lab, a multidisciplinary composition workshop. As an educator, and artist, Dr. Hsu has had a varied and colourful career path. He has written and published two award-winning books, written in over 50 international publications, taught a prison music workshop, and is the editor of Ricepaper Magazine. Ray has appeared on a variety of media, and contributes to several arts boards in the city and across the world.

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