Apple is Being Sued for Billions GAMING on The First 8K TV!!!! 2 days ago   06:06

In this video we'll take a look at why Apple is being sued by customers for potentially billions.

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saruman thewhite
you have never heard of lobbying. Appl will just hire a few and case closed
People should be able to buy products directly, middlemen are usually taking a bigger portion of the money than what their service is worth. Car dealers are an example for this. It should be up to the consumer if they want the test drive and the recommendations from dealers.
Lloyd Lee
Leave Apple alone. It's app store has made software cheap for consumers and developers. All people are winning because of this system. Back before the app store, software and games were $40-$100 regularly. Stop whining about a $10 app. It's not a monopoly, you don't have to buy into their ecosystem if you don't want to, it's called good business. This is a silly lawsuit made by spoiled people. Without Apple's model we wouldn't have near as much good quality cheap software and technology. I encourage innovation and competition between tech companies, which is what these systems provide, because that means cheaper higher quality stuff for me. There are things to challenge Apple on, but not on it's app store.
Kelvynn Lee
Fooook Apple, let it crash!
Brandon Huber
I just buy anything that isn't Apple (Android supports 3rd party) because I can choose what I want to do with my device. I'm not a fan if that monopoly and simple choose to move to something without that monopoly. Let Apple do their thing, people need to choose other devices that support their needs. Apple wants to sell an experience, not just tech/software.
There is a market for that and there is a market for the freedom of other devices.
Brandon Huber
Your presentation is superb. Bravo!
Dane Reid
Apple shouldn't have to pay money back but should be forced to allow iPhone users to buy apps from alternative stores.
I hope Apple crumbles. Always hated the company after Steve jobs passed. The new heads of the company are just insanely money hungry and don't care for innovation in the slightest. All apple is good at these days is copying its competitors, calling it their own, and then tripling the price.
For sure, one day Tech should be regulated, but it has to be by the right player, or the results might be disastorous. National States are not strong enough to regulate these companies because they are geographically limited. Only new global institutions will be able regulate tech and do it in a way that is fair to anyone, doing it locally on the globe will only destroy value.
Kunal Shah
What bogus lawsuits people file!!

This profiting thing if it be applied to banks too, then see how everyone in power will justify it. But apple is not a bank. It is a tech company. Lets screw them, have some fun, and all of it in an attempt to try and portray themselves as the messiah of the poor.
Break up the giants. They are owning everything, all levels, even decisions. Yikes!
Joshua Daniels
If they paid developers $34 billion and that's 70% of each sale... Let's just say 1/3 for Apple or 33% = $17 billion that they've collected themselves.

They have $225 billion in cash right now. It would barely put a dent in it to do 100% refunds of their portion.
How can it be hurting google too? I got a few different app stores on my android phone??? Not just google store.
Robert Indries
Definition of Capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

US law system: F**K that! We need to destroy Apple

Sincerely, an Android user
Ahmad Jaber
I mean it's their hardware and software and they're free to do what they want. If you buy their products, u should know what you're getting into. As for developers, they can just move to android. I find suing apple for this is illogical. Cant find a logical reason.

Edit: spelling
Sarge 7000
Big business has had a monopoly on goods for some time, but as consumers we have choices. Welcome to election gizmos!
Android fan kids mad cuz apple apps run 100x better and look way better hahahahahahahahha. Google fuck boys are suing apple what a joke.
Andrew Ellis
If there were honest, responsible andcethical actions on the part of the big tech companies, none of this litigation would be necessary.
Elvis Jonesus
What about quality control of apps ? It is worthwhile to keep the really dodgy apps out of the ecosystem.
Can you move your mic out of your mouth please?
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GAMING on The First 8K TV!!!! Apple is Being Sued for Billions 2 days ago   13:44

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