Instant Family - Ending Isabela Moner on How “Instant Family” 2 days ago   05:52

Katie Vee

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Louise Mills
I love how when she asks if she can drive she says "dad" and he replies in Spanish I'm assuming in an attempt to get to know her better xxx
William Lawrence
Great movie
SmokiNHoT FunK
Movie includes laughter and tears lol.... All emotions flowing
If you freeze on the certificate of adoption at 4:34, you'll see that, somehow, Juan has been left out! What a twist!
Abdulelah Ibrahim
Louie Oshea
This film is just almost making me want to adopt a little baby right now but I can’t because I’m sixteen but when I’m older I’m going to adopt a baby
فيصل القرني
what's the name of the song
E Vee
It's a television tv
all this time it's back in front the dreams me.

End enjoy getting goodbye
thanks for watching of.
*Lady:* Are you with them? Do you know those guys?
*Sherron:* Yeah, why?
*Lady:* Do you wanna come in?
*Sherron:* Uhh..
*Lady:* I-I made a pie.
*Sherron:* No, Than--
*Karen:* Yes!
*Sherron:* Karen!!
*Karen:* It's pie, you know I love pie!

Literally my favorite scene, Octovia Spencer is amazing! ❤😂
Jacob Peters
This and Tag were two completely wholesome movies I wasn’t expecting
Miss Lee
I’m only here because I went on a plane flight with delta and they have free movies lol
Bethan Mair Jones
I'm coming home, even from college!
Beninator b
This movie was great I haven't been very emotional like this since inside out 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Alice Ortega
That was quick
Saidaliz Flores
you couldn't have put the whole movie
Kurtis Qu
When I first saw this, I thought it would just be another average comedy. This wasn't just a comedy, this explored mature topics with a deep meaning. I think this became my new 2nd favorite movie.
Kyle McLean
This movie is the best movie of 2019 yet.
Danny Boy
This movie ❤️ literally my wife and I watched it. Next day she’s in labor (I know not the same thing) but our family grew.
I wish everyone without a family would get such an amazing happy ending :)
Raul Sandoval 25
Shella moved to California after braking up with frank and loan to have a family again
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Isabela Moner on How “Instant Family” Instant Family - Ending 2 days ago   04:30

“Instant Family” hits theaters this Friday. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Monday, November 12, 2018.