James Comey unleashes on GOP over Trump’s New Chief of Staff & Stephen 6 months ago   07:41

Former FBI Director James Comey slams Republicans and President Trump in comments to reporters on Capitol Hill.

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Angela Moore
A Jonesy
You’ve told one to many lies Comey.
aidid hassan
I like james comey.one day Americans will elect him as a president.
Ethan Treachler
wait.... this guy basically pays for a fake dossier to open an illegal investigation and that is literally hard facts at this point....... so how is the spying just something to shrug your shoulders of. Yes this traitor deserves the charge of treason. He effectively executed a Government sanctioned op on a US citizen with NO EVIDENCE to support his position. that should scare you.
~CNN(Communist News Network) - Leading the sheep to slaughter
maranda gil
Go Come!
Vaios Papadopoulos
You are the one that damaged the FBI...how can you stand their and say this.. Trump is right..you ruined the FBI..you need to explain to your grand children how you fucked up the face of the FBI..LIAR LIAR....SHITBALL..GO LEAK SOME MORE CLASSIFIED INFORMATION YOU FUCKING RAT
Vaios Papadopoulos
Comey your a piece of shit....your an arrogant fucking lier, and yes your a fucking rat..you are not a American...we should take your citizenship away..how dumb fucks as yourself get these jobs is beyond me...and yes you made the FBI look like fuck ups... talking about rule of law...go kiss Hillary's ass
Jeff Jarvis
Well I hope Congress puts his sorry ass out the door and then America will be one again
Chris Zealotes
How come Assange is in jail for the email crap, while Comey is free?!?
Jonn Izzik
James Comey proves to be a true and all-together patriot. Someone who feels, knows and lives by the values that once made America great . . . long before this carnival clown popped up out of a jack-box . . . screaming nonsense and . . . fascist crap . . . anti American, pro dictator Trump.
Jonn Izzik
Hurray James Comey!
You are a man of truth and civility, a man who has the courage to look the lies and the liars in to their eyes and . . . address
them with the rule of law and the essence of what it is America was created on.

Let me thank you for your courage. Let us work together; America grows it’s democracy back the way it made America great.
Eric Charles
Respect Mr. Comey !!!
Comet sucked Obama’s dick and now is paying the price. Another under the bus. Yeah buddy.
John Jacob
I didn't vote for Mr Trump, but you James Comey are a damn disgrace you should be in Jail for all the crimes and obstruction of Justice you and the DOJ have committed is appaulling.
Terri Kukla
Wish he would run for office.
Tell 'em all about the v2k voice to skull harrassment your were involved with Comey you fk ! Using global satalite positioning microwave technology just like they did in desert storm but on a much larger scale now to cause all kinds of rukus for innocent victims. Talk to us about all the suicides you caused!
Sue G
If James Comey runs for president, he has my vote!
Yennefer Of Vengerberg
The Truth was always out there.
Vic Alexander
James Comey fired FBI director, Tehran, born Anglican traitor connected loosely to HM Queen Elizabeth II in her last days as a Monarch. As a result of her associations with James Comey as former FBI she has brought the British Monarch closest to being totally made superfluous and in her keeping of all money she has pilfered from the money of Jewish victims of Germany and the rest of the Jews from European nations, including Jews of Great Britain, she has had the worst record as a Monarch. I wouldn't be surprised if Great Britain will remain a monarch after HM Queen Elizabeth has be dethroned by a majority of both House of the Lords and the House of the Commons. And James Comey one day will pay for all the rapes he's assisted with and especially the assassination of Dr. Barrack Hussein Obama Sr -- this alone will not only embarrass the United States, it might lead to the impeachment of President Donald Trump for his inviting James Comey to come into the White House and rape his wife First Lady Melania Trump. As bad as this is, it must be understood that all rapes have been ordered by the self-styled Mormon leader Dr. John Cooley Gunnell, who not only was the cause of the death of the six million Jews, but he turned Adolph Hitler into a homosexual by offering his fat ass for Adolph to sodomize without a rubber. I know, he tried it with me; but I did not appreciate it as well as when he sucked my penis in front of a sold-out crowd in front of Starbucks, close to Warner Bros on the corner of Pass and Oak Street. James Comey, you are the most despicable apish psychopath that Satan created. May you go to hell, James Comey. I'm sure someday a Black man or Black woman will put you out of your misery for setting up the assassination of Martin Luther King with the help of Mark Philbin the racist who murdered his wife and two children and was kicked out of the Baptist Church permanently. Victor Nimrud Alexander.
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Trump’s New Chief of Staff & Stephen James Comey unleashes on GOP over 6 months ago   07:27

Mick Mulvaney becomes Trump’s acting chief of staff despite calling the president a “terrible human being,” Ryan Zinke is pushed out as interior secretary, and Stephen Miller debuts a new hairstyle on “Face the Nation.”

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