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John Sinbad
I'm staying in the tropics and I don't like the weather that it is too hot and there's no season in my area so can earth in 1000 years the tropics can be cooler????
Ibraheem Vali
anyone 2019
Dog without Doubt
I’m so BaD aT GeOgRaPhY! ))::
GItartha Sarma
Who is watching this because u have to give your students value knowledge?
thippesh swamy
good information
Ezechiel Octave
who else is watching this because of homework
Rubbens Beauplan
home work is so fun or not
Rubbens Beauplan
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Jacob55 Pradmore
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Aarthi Vinobaji
In 2019 :D
shae shae
my geography assignment brought me here
Calvin Loupy
i hate school vids XD
Extra dip
Who is watching this in 2018 because your Turkish teacher in Cambodia is using outdated source data for 7th-grade teaching?
zahid dizdarevic
Essam Saeed
Have to watch this for geography if you have to watch this for same thing like my comment if you don’t need to watch it but your just watching it for no reason leave a comment
* mochixnuchu
SHOUT OUT PNHS 9-QUARTZ . NOV. 2018. Science feels
Sujay Manasubdar
How does a slope of land influence the temperature???
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Why does Climate vary around Basics of Geography: Climate 2 days ago   06:10

Global Climate is affected by factors known as Climate Controls: 1. Latitude 2. Mountains. 3. Ocean Currents 4. Air pressure systems. 5. Proximity to oceans. 6. Size of a landform.
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