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Jim Rohn After This You'll Change How You Do Everything ft Les Brown
Speakers: Jim Rohn, Eric Thomas, Les Brown
Music by Adrian von Ziegler

Jim Rohn
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Justin Fortes
Thank you 🌟
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suraj amom
Drua Gaming
Fuck yo teacher lol
Discharge Summary
Tony Robbins is a fruitloop & amway can fuck off
Miss V
The key first is getting unstuck in your mind. Whatever, we think or do, wrong or right is a self-fulling prophecy.
Change will not come if you wait for some other person or some other time. You are the ones you've been waiting for. You are the change that you seek.
Jenne Craftytatlady
Javier Nevarez
I dont want money i dont want power or anything I NEED JESUS TO SAVE ME THATS ALL I NEED I AM NOTHING WITH OUT JESUS AMEN
Who is the fuckhead advertising this scam bullshit on living your laptop life with his thumb in his fucking arsehole and all the young stupid cunts are so naive getting sucked into the bullshit – And Bytheway hi mate $10 million a year
Josh Alfred
Struggling Author and Poet here. Google me?
Sovereign The King of Light
Thank you
I chose to make a major change in my life yesterday. Start a totally new life that will get me closer to my dream life.
After fighting hard to have a business and get closer to what I want I still wound up coming to the same miserable place I always came to. I’m trying out an extreme change and lets see what happens.
I am tired of waiting and being miserable. I have a bubbly personality, I love life deeply but haven’t expressed it because the miserable place I come to.
I’m breaking free.
We only have one life. Not taking risks in order to live a greater life doesn’t make sense. If not going after the life we want and meant to have than why live? We suppose to create something great for ourselves and others. We suppose to live a happy life before we are gone.
I pray to the Universe to help me.
I started a go fund me campaign in order to get on a new journey. Please check it out:
gf.me/u/rjyzg3. ❤️
Ana Miguel
Watching motivational videos has helped me tremendously. I don't have any relatives or friends that speak like this. Main reason why my husband and I have moved to a different state where we don't know anyone. In order for us to stay focused and successful we knew we needed to change ourselves and our environment. We always want more and work for more. I want to die of old age next to my husband and HAPPY with the way we lived our lives. Knowing we gave it our all and knowing our babies will do even better.
muhammed haneefa
Tu ladtha hea barabar against God na teroko miltha next step baita zeta keal rako God. See you
Vericio Mascarenhas
I had liked all the comments of yours now its your turn.Yes I am saying to you who is reading my comment
Soul Streams 333
Appreciate you sharing this with us. Thank you!
Motivational speech is good and necessary as a mental dietary daily nutrition but at end of Day... Define your self set your GPS course and make a Decision to take Massive Action with focus determination until you have a breakthrough with giving up... burn bridges behind until you Conquered...!!! 💪
cinema media
Yes I'm gonna change 💪💪💪😎
Matty Wellington
Now don't watch this next www. youtube. com/watch?v=94WpsxmEclw
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Jim Rohn - the greatest Advice ever Jim Rohn: After This You'll 1 day ago   11:55

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