How fast is that Ferrari Fiorano Bugatti Veyron w/ Mansory Exhaust 1 day ago   11:42

How Fast is that LiPo Ferrari Fiorano New Bright 40 Mhz with DigiHud speedometer App

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R/C Obsession
As always top-notch video pal
anthony belcher
Nice car
I wish I knew electronics better, I would try making a dyno of sorts to place these cars in to measure power and/or speed but it would lose some appeal of not seeing the cars move. : )
Jag Betty
I used to demonstrate RC cars over the Xmas period for a couple of years (1988-90) and I was the top salesman both times. I would take the rubber tyres of and they would act like they were on ice, terrific fun. I remember staying till closing time on Xmas eve, packing up the remaining stock and throwing out all the rechargeable batteries and chargers we had to use. I was sad ☹️. And then, a few days later the commission cheque popped through the door and made me smile again. I’ve still got the letter from the top dog at Riko electronics thanking me etc
GDad it’s always a great way to spend my Sunday mornings watching your videos before I head out.👍😎.
MC's Creations
Really nice cars, Grandad!!! 😃
FHRC Brony Radio Control and Cars
That F-430 is so fast that my Traxxas 4Tec wouldn’t stand a chance
Raggy Ragsdale
COOL!!! Zoom! Zoom!! Raggy
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Bugatti Veyron w/ Mansory Exhaust How fast is that Ferrari Fiorano 1 day ago   07:06

I had the opportunity to film not 1, but 2 Bugatti Veyrons during a great supercar event. The blue/grey Bugatti Veyron is fitted with a Mansory Exhaust, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport is stock. The Bugatti Grand Sport is the topless version of Bugatti's 1001HP 16.4 Veyron masterpiece.
See both cars in action of a closed airfield, racing against other supercars!

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