Twilight New Moon doesn't make Retail Arbitrage at Walmart: I Made 6 days ago   13:43

Alex Meyers
Twilight New Moon doesn't make any sense

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Twilight doesn't make any sense...

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Oscar Eduardo Rosales
FRIENDZONED!!!! hahahahahah
Just Another One
You made me laugh so bad what wouldn't be a problem when my parents wouldn't think that I'm sleeping 😂
Manuel Cortez
You should do The Parent Trap! That movie is weird if you think about it!
Kaila Karns


-and yes, there are ripped up jeans everywhere, I think one of the later books referenced that
Bethan M Jones
Oh just wait for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.
Ur average teen narwhal UNKNOWN
Can this be a series
Ur average teen narwhal UNKNOWN
7:30 I pissed myself laughing so hard
areya rablzy
Omg i couldn't stop laughinh hhhhhh
Alissa Spears
Pick a lane bella
Basically, Edward is a pedo... But, I get it He looks 18 He can't exactly date 100-year-old women.

edit: remember when people where picking sides? Clearly, Jacob is the better choice.. Between the two
The summary of the first movie is so accurate. If anyone watching this has not seen the first one. now you don't have to. The whole 2 hours boiled down to 5 seconds.
your audio is perfectly fine. not totally clear and echo-free, but well within what it's consider to be professional quality
The hand holding at the movie hit too close to home 😂😂
7:20 i hate Twilight, but actually, that's some shockingly good acting from her. It's bella being shocked, angry, surprised, and also a bit happy at seeing him, and that thing with her hand is her making him keep his distance because what the fuck a shirtless "shirtless dude" just jumped into my room through a window on second floor and he's walking towards her, so of course she's gonna physically make him keep his distance, at arms length, literally. but doing it with her palm would be too inviting and doing it with the tip of her finger would be amazingly silly, so the only option she's left is her fist. And afterwards she can't avoid slight reaction of "oh, but how hot his abs are" when she touches them, and gets confused about herself and the whole world again.

I hate Twilight, and I hate that Ka...Kirs... whatever her name is, but... I myself am surprised at how well acted this moment is, at least relative to the character's blandness and cardboardness.
Alia Liebowitz
Do harry potter
Aremanni Peaks
Did you get inspiration for this artstyle from James and Jaiden? I'm not calling you a copy cat but it is a little similar.
Tristan Claxton
My girlfriend And I Were mixed martial artist So she is the only one who can hurt me O lol
Leah Love Baby
Yoooo I’ve been weak this whole video!! 😂😂😂
Elliana Steele-Tirado
if anyone,and I mean ANYONE has seen twilight,do u think she should've been with Jacob or with Edward??? for me,she would've been with jacob
Jarvis Sensei
Hey man. Not sure if this is regularly requested or not but what about Roswell.
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