QUICKBOOKS FOR LANDLORDS- set up and overview Dave Ramsey's Real Estate 1 month ago   14:14

In this learn quickbooks training tutorial, you will get an overview of the quickbooks for landlords playlist course. You will explore the file that you can download that will go with this video.
This video is part of a playlist "quickbooks for LANDLORDS "bookkeeping course that will show LANDLORDS how to use every feature of quickbooks that property owners would need. You can learn QuickBooks Free at www.marksmolen.com This is the best and clearest Quickbooks instruction online and the best QuickBooks tutorials to teach yourself QuickBooks.
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Larry Hawkins
Hi there. Is there a link to download the practice file?
Anke Monsini
Hello, your videos are very informative. Is there a video on how I can create the same toolbar that you have for rental property? Your help would be very much appreciated.
Victoria Contreras
does this work for property management company with several owners?
Edvinas Gurevičius
Hi, thanks for Video ;) Do you have problem when setting let's say service item - gas. I set quantity to 1, than rate to 0,18, it calculates Amount, but when I press save, the rate becomes zero, amount doesnt change.. Maybe you could help me with that? would be great :)
You mentioned that you would cover property management but didn't see that part. I may have missed it i guess. Trying to figure this out with property management. Have 4 units with one property manager and two other units with two additional property managers. Can you point me to the video that covers this? Thanks.
So can this be done with Quickbooks online?
Simply Dee
Shouldn't unearned rental income be a liability? AR implies that we have already earned the rent, the earnings process is complete and collection is reasonably assured. However we have not yet been paid.
hello thanks for the videos! I am enjoying them. Do you have a file compatable for a mac? My computer states you can make one by File > Utilities > Copy Company File for QuickBooks Mac. Either way, thanks for your help
Damion Smith
Thank you for this video and others. They are very informative. I just have one question. Do you enter the tenants as customers and Jobs or just customers?
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Dave Ramsey's Real Estate QUICKBOOKS FOR LANDLORDS- set up and overview 1 month ago   17:35

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