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Climate change protesters Extinction Rebellion have caused major disruption in London and across the UK. Their protests have 'inspired' Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to calls for the Government to declare climate emergency. Extinction Rebellion member Donnachadh McCarthy joins Julia Hartley-Brewer to discuss the change.

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Will you be changing your diet over climate concerns? ▼
Richard James
Notice how suddenly during the Brexit (fake debacle by pantomime May pretending its hard to execute) the globalist usefull carrot knitting lettuce leaf wearing clowns appeared. Extinction is coming yes....but its not by global warming.
Richard Johnson
go and eat more meat and bacon and pork sod these meat Nazi's
Andrew Bayram
Boiler £800? What planet is he on. We changed to air source heat pump, meant changing all radiator and re plumbing, without remedial work it was in the region of £13000. We went from oil to heat source, still burning fossil fuel and its costing us more. I travel 4000 miles or less by car yearly, I participate in every local authority recycling scheme, I have a massive garden which absorbs tons of CO2 but still they try to guilt me into doing more. This overt scheming and protesting is putting me off more and more and I imagine its doing the same to a lot of people. Also the more I look into it the less solid the so called science begins to look. I'm begining to feel we are being fed an extremely filtered version of facts and truths.
Luke Sliminn
"Extinction Rebellion" are retards without any idea what the real truth is.
If they are truly concerned about "our children having no food" they should concentrate on Monsanto and such like that are truly destroying our food supply. They are enemy of all decent people, bl**dy snowflake layabouts.
Derek Seube
You wanna keep handing problems off to the government and when they don't fix the problem the ask for more money to throw at it. How's the war on poverty, the war on drugs, Heath care, free education, and seems every aspect if life now. What happened with working in local communities and neighbors? Now we send our concern out to a far away government department and are pissed when they don't produce. They and we blame each other and send more money to politicians. Are we that dumb. Are we that dependent. Lead by example not forcing others to pay for your good intentions.
Someone Else
Climate change is real.
Global warming is real.
Only imbecile, ignorant, narrow-minded, uneducated, half-brained, degenerate, rightwing extremists and fundamentalists deny it.
One day when the last tree has been cut, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught, and the air so polluted it becomes unbreathable, humans will finally realize that money can not be eaten.
Richard Johnson
say no to the meat Nazi's
Sage & Onion
Donnacha McCarthy is a self righteous knob jockey.
I'd say he has his own "Meat addiction" the Durty bas'tad.

Did Donnacha FLY to the Amazon to be with his indians? but that's ok because it was him, Idiot. Another hubris white male who thinks only the white race can save indigenous people LOL.

These are the same people who believe in Abortion, not to protect women's health as stated, but to curb population growth. Of course only in western countries. Meanwhile the 3rd world multiply by the ship load and will Transplant the western children Donnacha & his cronies pretend to care about.
I'm easy going, live and let live, but people like this makes me want to get a large sack and then find a deep well..............
pepsi max
Why does meat cause climate change like how someone tell me I've asked so many people and I don't get it. Like there living creatures how is that changing the environment
Richard Johnson
the useless rich hypocrites who live in luxury who cons the working class who will stop cars next
Salford Lad
I have no intentions of helping us get colder fuck that, More cow farts i say.
Chris Van Bekkum
Agenda 21 !!!!! They want us all in high rises, on bike paths and eating raw potatoes. Wake up !!! These guys are radical nutcase.
laura nixon
...and the US, China and India are doing what? We can cut our emissions all we want but unless others do so it won't make a bit of difference, as far as i can tell although there is more we the UK can do we HAVE been doing many things to reduce our emissions...these liberals should take in the fact that whilst doing these things we've had huge numbers of immigration every year since 2010 and before, many if said immigrants have had children thus further pushing our population up very rapidly, thus also increasing emissions, more people=more emissions, so it's all very well these Muppets playing to doomsday fear are stating the government emissions show an increase so we're not doing enough, the increase in the population alone and the emissions offset of that, coupled with the fact that airspace isn't totally covered in the measurements and evaluations, our planes emissions are factored in but air traffic from other countries passing over are not calculated properly into it.
Also green scare mongers why don't you simply suggest people grow their own veg at least through summer? Oh my god look at that a constructive way of tackling climate change! Why not do research and release it and suggest to the public, that they plant more 🌲 in their gardens, in their parks. Instead of demanding we all live the way they see fit.
I like meat and fish and chicken, no one can tell me in a FREE country i cannot eat meat.
Stop pushing project fear and disrupting peoples lives who don't have the luxury of skipping work to sit around the middle of London having fun, start bringing ideas to the table and bring everyone in the on the debate....and fir god's sake please at least address the issue of how exactly we're to get China, the US and India amongst others on board.
Project fear will do nothing but restrict ideas, acting like it's all over doesn't exactly inspire hope, especially in the next generation who will eventually come to carry this burden, that started with generations before us. We as a species have to carry this burden but without hope humanity especially the young kids watching all this when their parents are watching the news, or via the web, it's not going to do them any good whatsoever, i envision rates and cases of depression and anxiety in children sky rocketing.
I mean we remained hopeful in spite of everything through two world wars and the cold war, hope and optimism is litterally what has got our species this far.
captain mirrorboots
Greta Thunberg is an amazing and inspiring young woman.
Dave Coyle
Militant vegetarians make me sick !
Peter Evans
Any credibility this lunatic had was wiped out when he quoted Gove.
Absolute bollocks
Andy Spry
A nice enough bloke, but sadly didn't really say anything positive to argue his cause.
Alberto Sannia
You have to be really really stupid to believe this....
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Extinction Rebellion: 'Start of global Extinction Rebellion: "If we continue having 2 days ago   00:58

Johanna Frändén, correspondent for Aftonbladet, on Extinction Rebellion protests and how movements have to start to cost the state to facilitate change.

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