Obama took a jab at Trump during Here’s What We Learned From 5 months ago   41:46

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Living the Life
Mr. Community organiser went from that to a multi billionaire.
President Trump donates his presidential salery to charity. The only President to do so.
Obama should have learned the old adage "never let them see you sweat"
The most desperate speech by an ex Peresident I have ever witnessed lol.
Without a teleprompter he studders like the Manchurian he was forced to be.
Good by Obama.
david eisenbud
Obama is awesome
michael barnett
Obama presidency was the worse; the very election of the racist Obama
has Destroy America's image and influence in the world. All his policy was
foolishness; Obama liberal idiot ideology has caused most counties in the world
to accept same-sex marriage and open border policy which is the greatest threat
to the human society. Obama spends 8 years in office and does nothing to help Black
American to rise out of their poverty.
Captive Mind
"Fiery" ? Rambling is more like it.
tahiti treat
Look at me, I roll up my sleeves 'cause I work so hard, I'm one of you. During my 8 years ISIS was the strongest ever!!!! In Syria, Iraq, Libya and other, history will prove I'm right. I also said Trump will never be president! I also brought more Muslims into the US more than any president ever. I just love how you morons still love my bull shit.
C. Manning
He looks tired and scared! He is a dangerous liar!
Alexander Cozel
No Socialist Terrorist Agenda here in America! No Mobs & More Jobs! Vote For The Nation Vote Trump And Desantis !
Brenda Johnson
What a clown. Can’t wait to watch the RED TSUNAMI on Tuesday!
What a joke. Obama sent the military to the border as well, so in all actuality he also shares the view that dealing with criminal aliens is a priority, I mean, he should know, he deported 2.5 million of them during his presidency, more deportations than any other president in history. Now, as far as health care, Mr. Hussein Obama should understand that we are still under Obamacare, his disaster legacy.
Typical slave negro
colette s
shame on barry, taking credit for the presidents work. Interesting that obama went to the biggest city in WI,with over a million residents and Trump went to a tiny town of around 3000 population....barry had around 700-800 at his rally, more than half were school kids from the all black high school where the rally was held Trump had over 10,000 attend his rally.
Barry backed a candidate who has a rap sheet with 9 conviction for a variety of crimes including theft and DUI and the senator who had two terms and has done nothing for WI....zip zero, nothing. None of the dems running have a snowball chance, terrible candidates.
WI will stay red.
Obama holding rallys in school gyms (for no cost) had Milwaukee school board angered. Now they either open school gyms all over the state to any candidate or to none of them. Politicalizing our pubic schools is already bad enough, now using them for political campaigns???
The underlying message is for teenagers to vote illegally. Typical corruption.
Louise Mae Brouder
HOW STUPID IS THIS BABOON 🇺🇸😆😆😆😆👎🏾👎🏻🇺🇸😆😆😆😆🖕🏾🖕🏽🖕🏻🖕🏼🇺🇸😆😆😆😆. FU MONKEY . . . LOSER 🇺🇸😆😆🖕🏽🖕🏻🇺🇸
Carl Mannerheimm
Mufti, terrorist, saboteur of the USA - a rat Obama is lying as usual.
You bastard, you see the invincible movement of the Great President Donald Trump!!!
Ginger Nightmare
Anheuser Busch .. this Bud's for you!
Sergio Ferreira
Fuck you Obama fuck off scum the worst president of the United States of America ever shithole bastard
All i see is a banker pulling the strings when this puppet speaks.
Alfred De Souza
“RuleByFearsNoMore!>#TrumpBillionaireProgressiveTrumpEmpireWithPrevalentGlobalHotelsAndExpansiveGlobalGolfCourses?>#ThisScenarioSubtendingRecreationalBeeLinesAvadingCurses!>#TrumpEmpireFromScottishSweetMotherHardlyMentionedToUSAMigrantDomesticServantInLandOfPlentyInIndegenousInvasiveLandsOfPlenty! How On Earth Can Any Remain Silent And If, #ThisSlimyManCalledDonaldTrump? #BrazenlyInsultMadamNancyPelosiAtDEMSNOW? 👀 #BabyTrumpGlobalBalloonProtests! #DonaldTrumpMaturity???>#CanALeopardChangeIt’sSports?#AlfredDonaldT-ShirtsDemsProtestsPriorTo2016🇺🇸🌏💡DemocraticElectionsAtDEMSINACTIONSEARINGPROGRESSIVES!>#SweetMemories!.)>#AjidsOKTwitterFormerTwitterAccountsWithShamefulExternalHackersBalloonsCelebrationsAsIWasForcedToCloseDeviousMultipleAccountsHackers!>#ShameToTwitter!>#DisrespectsToMultiplePowerfulGlobalFollowers!>Including>#MadamHillaryClinton!>#ObamasDems!>#HerRoyalHighnessQueenElizabethTheSecond!>#PrinceHarryOfWalesMultiples!>#PopeFrancis!>#EUScientists! #MultipleGlobalCharities&More!>#WhoOnEarthIsBehindTheScenesAtTwitterGlobalExpositions?>#IAlfredFormerlyAtAjidsOkWithMultipleCynicalAccountsHackings!>#TwitterOpenAnyWorms!>#LetWorldGeorge!>#AnyJudicialProceedsToChildren’sCharities!>#TwitterClean!”
Alfred De Souza
Huge🌏💡🙏💕👶🙅‍♂️🎁🇬🇧🇺🇸👑🌹👍: #LoveNotHate🌹✌️👏:). #SensationalSoulsOnTheMarch! #ObamasPlusKids!💕👍🌏💡🙏#PrincessDianaOfWales!#People’sPrincessHugeGlobalOutreach!>#HRHSons! #PrincesOfCambridgeSussexLovedOnesInHolyExemplary🌏💡🇬🇧💕🎁👑👍🙏👏✌️:).>#RoyalWindsorsMountbattenHouseHoldsExemplaryFamiliyUnity!>#HerMajestyQE2! #FlawlessQueenOfHearts👑💕👏✌️: #HelmOfCommonwealthOfNations!>🌏💡🇬🇧👑👶🙅‍♂️🌏💡💕🙏👏:). #🌏💡💕NationalAnthems! Respectful, #MusicalProwessAtHeartOfAfrica!>#PowersOfMusicAtHeartOfAfrica✌️🌏💡💕🙏👏: #AMIOBebeMangaRestInPeaceAmen! WeCanDance🎉!
Alfred De Souza
Huge!🌏💡💕🙏👏: #ThePowersOfGOD’sProvidence! #TakingWorldByStorm! 👍! #Prodigy! #VisionaryAcademicHarvardScholarLawProfessor! #RepeatedlyDemocraticLandSlides🌏💡🇺🇸✌️👑👍POTUS44DEMS! >#RemnantGOPSBetterMakeRoom!>#AwesomeSweepingHumanitarianBlueWavesAboveCapturesAndBlessings!>#BeTheChange! #LeaveNoOneBehindAmJOY! #JOYSAllRound: #ProgressiveDEMSRefreshingAspectsOfStingingObnoxiousProgressive21st.CenturyWorld!>#TheMightyProgressiveInclusiveLegalRegisteredVoters🌏💡👍🎁🇬🇧🇺🇸👑👶🙅‍♂️🎁❤️💕✌️🙏👏:). #TheTimeIsNow! #GlobeOrdinaryVotersAtSocialPowersOnesProgressives! #SensationalGlobalCo-OperativesSavingLives! #PeacefulActsOfGlobalProtests!>#LeaveNoOneBehind✌️💡🌏💕🎁👶🙅‍♂️🙏👏:).
The Crusader
Obama was a war criminal who destroyed Libya and Syria and 90% of drone strike deaths were civilians and he was useless for the economy shipping american jobs overseas, trump has done way more in 2 years than this Globalist rat.
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Here’s What We Learned From Obama took a jab at Trump during 5 months ago   05:19

On Wednesday's show, Glenn Beck highlighted several important takeaways from the results of the 2018 midterm elections.

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