LAST TO LEAVE Giant Ball GAME MASTER Transforms My Living 2 months ago   16:37

Rebecca Zamolo
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After Matt and Rebecca Zamolo were finding Treasure Chest Hidden in Sunken City! (Secret Mission in Real Life) and Game Master has a Rebecca Zamolo Twin Disguise! (New Face Reveal in My House) we said YES to Everything Game Master says for 24 hours. During this overnight challenge the GM had us pull over and search a giant swimming pool for hidden clues and riddles. Inside we found a mysterious red box with $10,000 inside. A drone had been spying on us. We knew we needed to find a safe hideout where the Quadrant couldn't detect our voices with their spy gadget tracking device. RZ arrived at their cabin they received a top secret message on their watch from the GameMaster and discovered a giant ballpit in their backyard. When they jumped inside they found the ZamFam giveaway prizes including the Ipad. Her backpack was waiting next to the pool and had ninja gadgets and spy gadgets to help solve clues. Thanks to your help another 3-digit lock was opened from the mirror box riddle where she saw the real ghost. Matt her husband (not brother) wanted to win this challenge and brought in friend to scare his wife while she wore noise canceling headphones. We think the twin disguise with blonde wig is still being used and someone is framing her. Even though Rebecca wasn’t the last to leave the pool, she still has a change to win back the money. What do you think the Game Master has planned for her next 24hr challenge? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Rebecca Zamolo
Who's part of my ZamFam Spy Squad and has my notifications on?! Let me know what you think the last clue means!
CrazyKids B&T
You guys are the best Youtubers in the whole world! I enjoy watching your videos! I am very happy for the people who won those prizes! I hope they are happy too! Stay safe! You guys are awesome spies! Have a great day!
Jessica Wilder
The RZ twin is there at 10;11
Alexandria Kieft
Matt is going to win
Karamjit Randhawa
Matt was kind of unfair to Rebecca
joanna jenkins
your evil twin is there
Chanping Curtis
i saw the RZ twin during the challenge!!!!!!
Zoey Ahrens
i think they will be on a trampoline
Zoey Ahrens
Melissa Mangione
matt cheated
Francois Belanger
Rz twin here for the money
Kelly stalker
I think there is more
Scott Chalmers
You have to jump for 24 hours🤨
Cecilia Salinas
Raheelajohn Gill
I saw the rz t twin
Beth The Best
Matt cheated completely
Zaana Mahajan
Matt cheated😤😤😤😡😡
Advance Engineering
rebecca when you heard that noise that was not sqirrel it was rv twin
Ruben Durazno
I want the ipad
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GAME MASTER Transforms My Living LAST TO LEAVE Giant Ball 2 months ago   15:58

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After Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 Hours above my HOUSE! (Game Master has fans control my life for a day) and we Found a Mysterious Treasure Chest from Game Master! (Giant Fun escape room in real life) Rebecca and Matt had a surprise at home. While Rebecca was doing the 24 hour overnight challenge she facetimed Stephen Sharer on her iPhone who revealed that solving the mysterious clues and riddles might help her figure out the GameMaster’s plan. The final clue led Matt and Rebecca to explore a giant escape room in real life called Fun Box where the GM had hidden giveaway prizes for the ZamFam. In today’s video Rebecca is surprised by a ball pit and giant bounce house inside her living room. She must win each game to get her prizes back. After Rebecca Zamolo and Matt solve the final riddle and make a diy box fort, Pumpkin Patch knocks at her front door. Do you think Matt will chase PP and find him? Thanks so much for watching my family friendly videos in 2018!

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