Where the Bloody Hell are you? Sky News Babe....It's All Greek To Me ! 6 months ago   01:01

Advert from the Australian Government advertising Australia - there where some issues in the press with the language used!

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Sky News Babe....It's All Greek To Me ! Where the Bloody Hell are you? 6 months ago   05:35

Well what a drama over a mere couple of games of Footy !
That statement in this country truly would have this commentator hung, drawn & quartered in some circles !
Firstly this day, Saturday 29th. September we have The AFL Grand Final with all it's Melbourne centric tendencies, with millions of inhabitants of that city feeling wrenched at the seemingly never ending situation of at least one non Victorian team in that Grand Final. Although this year a Victorian team has taken the flag. There must be a feeling of relief for John Brumby & Co., that the Vic's drought has been broken, as the last team from the home of Aussie Rules to take out a Premiership was Essendon way back in 2000 ! Even the fair team from "The Emerald City" has conquered The Holy Grail of Aussie Rules Footy back in '05. I'm sure if a statistician were to do a survey he would find many more Victorians being treated for depression & other mental illnesses back then caused by the angst of The Sydney Swans taking out their flag ! Lol. I fancy the AFL propaganda machine that kicked in that year with The Swans victory was a minor disaster, that was of course equating The Swans of today to the South Melbourne flag of 1933.
Time to move to the Harbour City & a somewhat less hyped city here, with the much hated Manly Warringah Sea Eagles struggling to muster support in this town, with indeed the hatred that most Sydneysiders have for Manly extending to some, but not all of course wishing for The Melbourne intruders to win The NRL Premiership ! Must say The Melbourne Storm would be deserved winners this season, but my only gripe with Manly is their dictatorial Mayor MacDonald & his anti smoking hysteria in that Municipality ! The last time I walked along The Corso {which was recently} I was smoking my head off ! Lol., without any probs, might be tempted one day to puff away outside The Manly Council HQ & butt out on their steps....it's the kinda guy I am....love risk taking to make a point ! Lol.
Anyway the point of this Sky News Australia grab (with edit TX date : 28/09/2007) Once again we see, or rather hear the highly intelligent & delicious Jacinta Tynan earning a You Tube upload again from Big Don, darling are you doing this just to be You Tubed ? Lol.
Her pronunciation (at circ. 28 secs. mark) reminds me of a line I used at School back in England when having a laugh with the lads, it goes thus : "Anything you say will be taken down & used in evidence...." Am sure a fair number of You Tubers have heard that line before.
There follows the story of The latest ALP & Kevin Rudd salvos at the incumbent Government for Election 2007.
Here is the text of an e-mail sent to Sky News & a few Melbourne media outlets pertaining to this story : -

Packing The Political Scrum.

G'day Sky News Australia & A Few Melbourne Types,

Well I reckon it's a bit rich for the likes of Crackers Keenan & Tommy Raudonikis to be bagging The Federal Government for plastering Government ads on TV during this weekends' Footy Finals !

Lets us not forget NSW Labour. ( Labor - can't really get used to The Aussie spelling of this word....makes me think Labour types are a little illiterate, unkind but that's my view ! Lol. ) The March 2007 State Election lead up saw our screens peppered with NSW Government ads, you can't tell me if Footy Finals were on Telly back in March The NSW ALP would not have done exactly as The Federal Government now !

Anyway Tommy Raudonikis is not just an old footy warhorse, he is very much a Political Animal of today, as shown by a very quick search on The Net : -




Might as well flog my ad efforts & join these footy legends, so go to You Tube @ your leisure & search : " bigdon62 " to have a butchers @ a few choice cuts as Sam Kekovich might say....Vote 1 for Aussie Lamb Chops ! Now that was a nice juicy & succulent political look alike ad ! Lol.

Here are a few links for the curious out there regarding Ms. Tynan's long & distinguished achievements. A woman for all seasons, me thinks : -




Your a good sport Jacinta, a true flower of Australia !
Goodness knows what's next....