Winning a Golden Globe & Keeping Rami Malek Made a Gold 6 months ago   04:23

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The time Rich Boggs snuck into the Beverly Hilton Hotel where the Golden Globes are filmed, stood on the stage, and imagined himself accepting a Golden Globe Award.

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One incredible tool of transformation that Mary Morrissey teaches is to imagine that you’re living your dream every chance you get as a way of keeping the dream alive.

You may know that the Beverly Hilton Hotel is where the Golden Globes are filmed. As an actor who worked in L.A. for 12 years, one of my dreams has always been to win a Golden Globe Award. So I thought I would sneak into the Beverly Hilton International Ballroom, stand on stage and imagine myself winning a Golden Globe.

As I was sneaking into the ballroom, I realized I could have easily gotten kicked out, but it was worth it to me. Since I had stopped acting, I had chosen to raise a family and start some other businesses, and my dream had been put on the shelf. Standing on stage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel where the Golden Globes were filmed was my chance to dust off that dream.

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