Tom Del Beccaro: Biden's attempt to take 蕭茗自媒體自述:為政治尋找一個根;美國也面臨存在危機 1 day ago   25:07

Zooming In with Simone Gao
The US economic performance under President Obama was actually reducing. And then, Trump got into the office and his policies begin to take effect, economic growth picked up. Why is this? Let's hear from Mr. Tom Del Beccaro.

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Simone GAO is being shadow banned, this is very intelligent thought and ideas, it is not possible that more people would not be interested. China’s claw has a long reach, I look for her to be disappeared China style.
China is freedoms greatest threat.
Eric Choi
Thanks for sharing the video,I’ve learned a lot from it.
Susan Su
good job!
Sarah Malone
Besides good lip service, Obama and Biden did little to boost the economy. Now Biden is trying to take credit for economic growth? Do they have shame or just simply shameless? Two jokers.
Lesley Lee
Excellent program.
Ji Fang
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蕭茗自媒體自述:為政治尋找一個根;美國也面臨存在危機 Tom Del Beccaro: Biden's attempt to take 1 day ago   07:03

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