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Gordon Brown's best PMQ answer ever - 0% growth

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Magic Blade
I don't get it.
Steven Springthorpe II
0 percent rise, and will continue to rise. :-))
Ulick Mikkeline
Omg Twins 
Bloody labour,typical thick headed party who wreck everything everytime they get in power.
anthony eden was the worst prime minister
Broon the Goon the wannabe english man.
The only growth under the last Labour Government was the unbridled mass of undesired and unneeded immigrants entering the country and my how those treacherous cunts excelled in that !
Ruairidh Boon
lol u idiot.
David Elliott
0% in 2013/2014, thank goodness he is not in power now, keep Labour out!
How wrong you are, Its 2013 and its at 0.5% growth.
Ryan Harrigan
I wonder how this, being a year old, is still the top comment when it's been proven to be completely incorrect?
Tom Bish
Well, you were wrong.
er.. what else is cameron supposed to do than cut the deficit? it's like saying "high inflation, nah let's leave it be, it's no issue, since basic elements of economic wellbeing don't matter".
eh? way to state the obvious.

brown may be educated, but yeah, educated people never make mistakes...
or rounding to the nearest 0.1% decimal?

zero percent is nothing. there cannot be rise of nothing by definition!
what gets me is how brown looks annoyed at the tory mps laughing at him.

er, gordon, you said something stupid and illogical. what do you expect? i'm surprised he didn't laugh along or joke about it or something.
No, that's wrong. Look at the quarter he was referring to.
Yes, they say 0% rather than rounding to 1% because 1% is factually inaccurate.
The only thing I respect Brown for is not letting us enter the Euro. Apart from that, boy he fucked is royally.
0% means anything between 0 and 0.9%, so yes, 0% rise is plausible.
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Bercow makes his mark as Brown Gordon Brown's best PMQ answer 2 days ago   02:59

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